Splitting Amaryllis


Today I finally got some clear growth on my Amaryllis and because the pot is bulging and threatening to explode I decided that now would be a good time to split it.


So, with a few bits of newspaper on the floor of the kitchen I gently pulled the bulbs out of the pot and pulled off the outer mass of roots. I was then left with the two bulbs and a mass of last years roots to untangle!
While taking them apart I didn’t see any signs of new pups forming. That’s not to say they aren’t there, I may have just not seen any.


As you can see from the pics the roots all made it through the sleep well, no rot that I could see or smell. Just good, white, healthy roots and some now dead soil in between it all!

So I did a quick trim of the roots, only about half of what you see above was left on the plant, and then I re-potted them both.


So now I have 2 plants growing. It’s possible that the bulb on the right, the orphan, won’t flower, just produce leaves. The bulb itself isn’t very fat or rotundal but the fact that the root ball was good and strong shows it was doing well on its own, so we shall see.

BTW. If you have an amaryllis and want to see a good vid on how to split it I recommend this vid. PlantzNThings is a very good channel on YouTube for vids. Well worth a sub if you have an account.


6 thoughts on “Splitting Amaryllis

    1. They are on the windowsill at the top of the stairs. It’s got about 2 hours of early morning light and then indirect light all day. When the blooms open I will move them to places with only indirect light as direct light fades the blooms. I didn’t find that bit out until about 2 weeks ago! >.<

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