I’m Kalamain.
No, that’s not my real name but I have used it on the internet for so long that I have become very comfortable with it. More so than my real name!

I have been interested in gardening for years. When I lived in Manchester I never really had opportunity to indulge. Now I live in Yorkshire I have a garden and I have never been happier. I’m not a good gardener at all but I am trying to improve all the time.


20 thoughts on “About

  1. That’s a great passion to have! When I was a kid, I hated it because my parents made me help to pull up weeds when all I wanted to do was play with my Dinky toys.. Now I love it!

    1. I used to do more helping with the veg garden and looking at flowers. In all honesty I wasn’t actually made to work… More like ‘Just be in the garden where we can watch you while we work’… Although I did do some weeding and the like. B-)

  2. Hi Kal (can I call you Kal?)! I’m rather in the same boat – I can grow things I don’t intend to grow, but the veggies I want always die! Sadly I don’t have enough room for a real greenhouse. Best of luck with those peppers!

    1. Thank you. Yes, you can call me Kal. Most people do!

      I originally only had a tiny thing, then I got the one I made myself then I just got this one. Its been a step up each time.

      With me I only really learn by DOING it. I can read any amount of books but until I actually get out and watch for when things go wrong that I actually take it in.
      I have a definite blind spot when it comes to seeds. I lose FAAAAAR more than survive! Oh well. There is always the garden centre!

        1. Tell you what… I send you the seeds… You get them going then send them back. We divide the whole debacle by two and say we both did well!!! #WIN!

          Oh dear.. B-)

  3. I love gardening but cant do as much as i used to. At the moment I am concentrating on my house plants or should I say flat plants.

    I have loads of orchids which I love and quite a lot of perennials, shrubs and even annuals on my balcony.

    I love the green house you have put up. I have something similar on my balcony but a lot smaller. it s amazing what I cant fit up here.

    Mind you in the winter and with the howling winds I do have to ground it with house bricks to make sure it doesnt take off. Hahaha

    1. Yeah… Those greenhouses tend to act like kites when the wind catches them!

      My daughter has an Orchid and she loves it. We don’t have as many houseplants as we used to. The cat tends to make sure there are not too many by knocking them over. LOL!

      You should make your space yours and fill it with what you enjoy.
      Thank you for reading!

        1. Ugh.. Thankfully with the reduction in the people smoking the number of cigarette ends has dropped a lot in recent years. In the 5 years I was at the council for definite. So that is a good step.
          I think one of the biggest issues was that you no longer need a license to own a dog. If they brought that back it *MAY* help somewhat.

    1. My problem is that I want to ťry new things all the time so nothing I learned this year is going to allow to that specific thing because I will have moved on to a new project by then! B-)
      Like my verb plot for instance. 2 years ago it was a flower plot, last year it was veg and next year it will be a mix of both! Lol!

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