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Hiatus, Explanations and Apologies

First off I want to start with the apology. I have not been posting as I hoped I would. I don’t have anything simple to explain it with other than… “Life”.

To expand on that a little. Life is simply getting in the way of my posting. I have plenty of things to talk about… I just seem to have this tedious push and pull of time and energy. When I have the time I don’t have the energy, when I have the energy I simply don’t have the time… And then to cap it all, when I do have the time and the energy I have nothing planned and no clue on what to write about!

This post, for example has taken me 3 days to write because I have to keep stopping to do something else and then when I go back to it I have no idea how to continue writing it! ARGH!

It’s not even as though I don’t have anything to talk about. I see things at work, My garden is growing well and loads of flowers appearing, my veg is growing nicely and even my cherry tree has a couple of fruit appearing (Still small and green though)!

I’m considering going back to twitter though, the ability to type 140 characters on the spur of the moment and add a pic is probably within my limits… Probably. B-)

I will say that I am not closing the blog though, this isn’t permanent or anything. When my situation changes I will start posting again.

So… On with the Motley and I will be back when I can.

13 thoughts on “Hiatus, Explanations and Apologies

  1. I was wondering where you were! I hope ‘Life’ is good – and if so, I think it’s perfectly reasonable you might put your metaphorical pen down πŸ˜‰

    1. Actually life is probably the best it’s been in a while… which is why I have so little time or energy!
      Also working long days kinda does that to me. B-)

  2. No apologies needed!! We all get side-swiped from time-to-time! It is also spring which means “planting comes first!” At least in our household it does. We don’t get it in the ground, we don’t eat (ha ha). I have been watching you on Twitter too – so I know you have also been hard at it! Keep up the good work Kal! Blog when you can – we will still be here!

      1. We do buy flour and sugar by bulk (local sugar factory sells 50lb bag cheap!!), we get coffee, milk (someday will get a nice Jersey of our own – woo hoo, did I tell you I hate milking! ha ha), pet foods, toiletries that type of stuff. For the most part we try to grow/can/freeze/dehydrate our own. The only trick we have not tried yet is freeze drying – some day!?!
        When we do go to the store it is usually a “bulk” run. Costs a lot, but saves on trips and getting a bunch of junk food (always looks good – but not good for me/us) that we do not need.
        We have 2 bread machines – no waiting (hee hee). And my sister is a bake-a-holic! She’s constantly making something. For me it has to be quick – the kitchen is not my passion it is a necessity. I usually throw together several things and usually it comes out ok to eat. We just bought a 1/2 a cow that was raised on our property (grass fed, no chems or unnecessary additives) so the freezer is FULL of beef. We have a local butcher shop where we get our grass fed pork (we have raised them but the monsters keep getting out of the fences – hahahaha). We also take turns with some friends on raising and butchering our own chickens. We love to barter!!!

        1. That is a great idea for some. But for us it would be unwieldy… 50lbs of sugar is a LOT of sugar!
          I suppose if you can get flour you can even make your own pasta (something we may try soon)
          If love to try raising chickens, I may have mentioned this before, but we are in a council house and one of the rules is ‘no non-domestic pets’. *sigh*
          I’m not even sure HOW to freeze dry something… or why you would other than for spices?

          1. Sugar and flour can both be stored for long periods of time (check out “oven canning” – way cool!). I love making and using homemade pastas! Speaking of chickens – they are part of the reason this reply is so late coming…a fox (actually a family of fox) got into our coop and killed all but the 3 that were not in there (they preferred the cat barn? go figure?? saved them anyway – yea!). We used to get about 1-2 dozen a day so we were able to share…now we are getting only one or two eggs a day – boo hoo! Some things are best frozen, some dehydrated, and some keep their flavor better if dehydrated (intensifies), then we still use the standard canning methods – hot water bath and we have 2 pressure canners/cookers. also 3 bread machines which are used mostly for mixing – makes great pasta dough!
            I hope you had no one in the Manchester sadness!?! We have been praying for all of you and your countrymen!

            1. Hey, chick!
              Nobody caught in Manchester. No worries there.
              We don’t really do and canning or preserving. Making jams, freezing and pickling are a huge thing over here but that’s all I know of.
              Never heard of dehydrating other than for preserving herbs and spices. I suppose beans and pulses would keep well that way?

              Sorry to hear about the chickens. B-(
              Do you think setting up a laser defense grid will help at all? B-)

  3. Good to hear from you Kal! I have the same problem, just don’t beat yourself up over it or feel guilty about not posting. I’ve been thinking of linking my Twitter account with my blog since I don’t actually use the Twitter account for anything! Looking forward to seeing some photos (with 140 characters) hee hee πŸ˜‰

    1. I’m not beating myself up so much that I think it’s a little rude (kinda) to just disappear without a word, you know?
      I have done a few tweets, nothing earth shattering. I fell off the twitter think when I started blogging… which now feels a bit ironic!

  4. Sometimes life just gets in the way! Focus on your garden and if you join Twitter, post here so we can follow you πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah… It does tend get in the way a bit!

      Did I not make the word ‘twitter’ a link?? O.o
      Will have to check on that… It WAS the intention! B-)

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