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Potatoes… Potatoes everywhere!

Two posts in one day? I’m not sure the internet could stand the strain!

This morning I topped up the soil in my potatoes as I said I would yesterday. Nothing too bad here. I did notice that one of the bags doesn’t have as many sprouts than the others. While most of them had four or five sprouts, one of them only had two. I’m not terribly happy about this. I’m hoping it’s just a little late and will push up others in time.

While I am talking about potatoes…

Just what is that?
Why is it there?

That soil was new in a bag, I didn’t get it from the garden and it wasn’t near the other veg, not that any of my potatoes went to seed last year and it has been sat on the bench since I potted it up.
Sometimes I don’t understand how nature does things like this. >.>

19 thoughts on “Potatoes… Potatoes everywhere!

  1. Similar scenes in my garden. The spud sacks are in the greenhouse for the next few weeks. Makes it quite a squeeze. They are growing away though. Topped them up today using some spent mushroom compost – it honks pretty bad but it’s good stuff. I also found two separate potatoes plants in the border. I couldn’t work out how they got there at first but figured it out. I mulched that border with the compost from the sacks the spuds were in last year. Must have been a stray spud. They seem happy enough, will leave them where they are for now…

    1. The problem with leaving the errant ones is that they may multiply if they grow pips… I found that out a few years ago. Not doing that again!

      And how come you are starting your potatoes in the greenhouse?

              1. Yeah maybe, although the shoots are buried and fairly well insulated at this stage. I reckon they’ll be ok straight out. The shroom compost is still generating a bit of warmth too. Perhaps I’ll wait till the cold snap were expecting great mid week is done. Cheers.

  2. I have a massive sage plant, now about 10 years old. When it was a tiny wee thing, I planted cut off potato eyes in the same little corner. Now the whole area is taken over with sage and oregano, but there is one damn tater that I can’t ever seem to dig out. No idea what is going on under there! I could make the obvious joke about Ireland being the place for potatoes, I suppose?

    1. It’s the soil. Really good for potatoes.
      About 10 years ago I grew 15 potato plants out the back of the garden, in the rough ground owned by the council (naughty, I know!) But I kept seeing them appear for a few years after. Obviously growing from it’s own roots.

    1. I’m guessing one of your lettuce bolted and went to seed.
      So far I have yet to suffer this… Give me time I’m sure I will mess something up so it happens!

      That reminds me… I need to plant on my lettuce if I want to eat them at some point!

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