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What I Did At Work Today

Today was a wonderful day. Sunny, fairly warm and in it I found a couple of nice things.

First up was cherry blossom on the ground in one of our parks. Rreally nice if you like to sit and enjoy the view. It was a shame that I had to blow it off the path but it tends to stick and get quite slippery when it rots down. It was only blown off the paths onto the grass or the borders, we have a lot of older people who use the park, so in this case health and safety took a front seat to beauty.

Speaking of cherries…
Someone has been chopping down cherry trees. We have no idea who did it or where the trees were, but we found these dumped on one of our plots.
I’m having one for my garden and the boss is having the rest for his burner at home. Apparently cherry wood burns very nicely!

Next thing I noticed today is that the judas tree (Cercis siliquastrum) we have at work was beginning to flower again!
Two years ago, the last time I was working there, it really wasn’t doing well. There were only a few leaves and apparently it didn’t flower at all last year. But it’s back again. I’m so very happy about this. B-)

If you don’t know what the judas tree is, I really recommend you >click< and see just how amazing this tree really is!
They also make a spectacular bonsai!

And finally… Another rescue. Not mine this time. Last year the guys in the team found this pear (Maybe an apple?) in a rec ground just in its roots, no pot. Being the guys they were they brought it back to the yard and popped it in some spare soil we always have around… Just in case. B-)
Well, this year it has opened! Will we see any fruit? No idea. The year they rescued it there were only a few leaves and nothing else. Not a shock considering it had been uprooted, dumped and probably water starved until it was rescued.
We would like to see it bear fruit, there are plenty of bees and other pollinators around to see to it, so we shall see.

And that was it. Nothing happened in my garden.. Mainly because I am too tired and not had a chance to be out in it!

Hope you are all having a great week!

10 thoughts on “What I Did At Work Today

    1. Yes they are. Too good for the not so good park it was in when it was damaged by kids. (That’s how it ended up in out compound.)
      We just need to find it a proper home where it will be allowed to flourish.

  1. Hello Kalamain. I just came across your site and will definitely be reading more when I get a chance – great stuff! I saw the entry about you finding the pieces of Cherry tree. From the date and the pictures it looks like it might have been inside for a while now, but if the pieces haven’t dried out too much and started to crack on the ends, if you know of any spoon or bowl carvers who work with ‘green’ wood, they would be very grateful to receive some of that! Cherry is a beautiful wood for carving and it would be nice to turn some of it into something that lasts instead of just heat and ash.
    P.S. How’s the Winter Jasmine doing after last year’s cut?

    1. I don’t know of any wood turners around here. I know they exist as tree surgeons sell the wood on, but I don’t know any.
      My wood will be left to very slowly rot in the garden. Wood cuts like that are real havens for insects you see. That and moss, of course!
      The winter Jasmine have a good show earlier this year. I thought I did a post on it? Will have to look to check. But I was very happy that such a hard prune came back so well.
      Thank you for your nice comment! B-)

  2. I keep a couple of piles of thin wood that I’ve cut, as a hotel for little beasties – it’s good as the cats cannot get in! I had a quick look for an update on the Jasmine but couldn’t find one – I was a bit rushed as I had to get off to work. Good to hear it’s doing well!

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