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Finding Things, Strange and New

Two things in this post.

First is a strange sight that I found yesterday at work. I simply can’t explain this at all.

Now, if you look at the tree on the right, an ornamental Cherry, you will see that it looks very much windswept and dramatic but if you look at the tree to the left it looks like it hasn’t even heard of the wind!
Before you ask, no, there are no extra limbs cut off at any point.

How could this happen? So very strange! Is the Cherry moving to the right to get out of the shadow of the tree to the left? It left my team scratching their heads why it would happen.
If anyone knows I would love to know.

The second thing.
In a bit of a cheeky self advertisement I received an email asking if I would help promote a site. Yeah, ok… So what? Nothing wrong with being a little cheeky from time to time so I have linked it below. B-)

Yes, It’s a vendor site, don’t worry… I’m not becoming a company shill or anything. I’m not getting anything out of this.
However, there are a number of good ideas in there if you like that kind of thing. I personally like #6… The Round tiered planter? I like the idea of stacking the pots one inside another… Would also work well with smaller herbs, methinks?

It is what THIS is a variation of. Another great idea for a planter that I never got around to making… I’m fairly sure I made a post about it, too. But anyway I don’t really go for planters much so I more than likely forgot about it. *shrug*

But I do like finding new ideas… It’s where I get the inspiration for my crazy grand ideas that I never get around to. B-)

Anyway… Give it a look-see and maybe you will get a bit of inspiration for yourself?



2 thoughts on “Finding Things, Strange and New

  1. Nah… Ornamental Cherry. They just get loads of blossom but no fruit… Or so little that it makes no difference, and those will get picked off by birds before you get to see them!

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