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A Very Busy Week

This week has been oh so very busy.
I started a new job. Actually I got my job back for another season at Kirklees Council as a Gardener. So in effect I have gone from only basic exercise while unemployed to walking about 15 miles a day! So, yes… I have been absolutely knackered by the end of the day!

Anyway… Today saw me in the garden for a bit. The good thing about working for the council is that you finish at midday on Fridays!

I finally did something with my tomatoes.
Two of them have gone in the ground in the veg plot. These were the larger Alicante.

In the Aquaponics I put some cherry ‘Sun Gold’. I chose these for the aquaponics because the weight of them won’t get too much for the frame and I can anchor it easier without fear of it falling over… He says! Anyway… I can add rigging to it later if needed.(I hope I won’t though!)

In other news the potatoes I planted a while ago has started to show themselves over the soil line. When I get some time tomorrow I will unroll the bags a little and mound them up with some more soil.

Yeah… I was actually starting to worry that they had all failed. Not all of them have come up yet, but there are enough that I hope I can thin them out a little and keep the runs full.

That was all I managed to get done to day before I had to go out, along with a grass cut. Yeah… I cut grass all day at work and then I come home and have to do it again here! Something is wrong about this! B-)


13 thoughts on “A Very Busy Week

  1. First: What is Kirklees? Second: You picked my most fav of the cherry tomato family – Sun Gold. YUM!! We grew a whole row of nothing but different variety of cherry tomatoes one year. The tiny grapes were 1st in flavor. Then the orange (do not know what breed they were and have never seen them again – boo hoo – but they were outstanding!). Then the Sun Gold. I have no clue where the cherry pear yellow tomato came from but – YUCK! No flavor at all so we never grow them. Best of all in flavor (to us) is the dark ones…Cherokee Purple, Black Krim. They are not tiny tomatoes, but they are awesome in sauces! (oh, and FYI…if your plant does anything like ours did – get your backup plan ready to prop them up – loaded!)
    Last: I was worried about our carrots also?! I usually have no trouble with carrots, but this year they have been really slow to start. The beets are the same way?? how odd??!!

    1. Kirklees is a Metropolitan council here in the UK.
      I saw a tomato that was almost like a beetroot… SO VERY PURPLE! The only thing that put me off was the fact that it didn’t have much of a taste. I like my tomatoes to have loads of taste. Doesn’t have to be super sweet… Just plenty of taste.
      I kinda planned ahead with the propping problem. If you saw the wooden uprights, they are there as larger braces if needed. I can use those to take any real weight and I can add in more uprights to the frame at any time . I knew something like that would happen!
      As to the carrots… Over here I could have thought it was the mild winter… But you guys have a proper cold winter, as you should.
      So… I dunno. *shrug* I know nuffin’

  2. My maters are just two, and pathetic. This is why I bought them last year and still had no luck!

    Glad you got a job you like, even if mowing is the least fun gardening job. My man is unable to walk right now, and I’ve had to mow THREE times already! Most boring and annoying job of the garden.

    1. Actually I don’t mind it. You can do it without thinking and so you can let your mind wander as you go.
      My least favourite job is edging off… some of our parks have a fair few beds so it can get boring because you do have to pay attention. B-(

      1. Whoops, down to one tomato plant now. The other one had stem-rot and committed suicide off the bathroom windowsill (into the tub, thankfully).
        Unfortunately it is super serious, the poor fella. Hoping for proper medical help on Monday.

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