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A Buzz About Nothing

Normally I don’t post my failed photos… This one I decided to post because…

1. The photo didn’t turn out too bad actually. Although the subject of the shot is out of focus the light on the bells in the background isn’t too bad.

2. This is the first actual sighting of a Common Carder Bee (Bombus pascuorum) thus far this year that I have managed to catch.

There were actually 3 of them on the plant, a Pieris if you are curious, and they were eagerly visiting all the flowers.

None stayed in the garden, which just shows that the nest is elsewhere.


20 thoughts on “A Buzz About Nothing

  1. WP seems to have done it again – your raised bed has come up instead of a photo of the carder bee. Anyway, good to hear they are out and about!

            1. On my phone… when I reply I usually like the comment then reply to it…
              Since the last update that like, once I have finished replying, gets removed from the comment I am replying to.

                    1. I think we’re talking at cross purposes – I’ve just looked at your last reply via the site rather than through notifications on the app and can see there is a photo. So, there seems to a problem with the app if I could see the photo only on the site.

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