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It’s Raining

As was mentioned in a blog post by Growing out of chaos, the adage of ‘April showers’ has been severely lacking so far this spring and we have not actually had much, if anything in the way of rain for a few weeks.

Well today it is finally raining. Nothing torrential, no no, that would be really bad for the garden as the dry, hard packed soil would cause it to just run off. No, happily it’s the gentle drizzle that soaks everything down to the core, including people if you are unfortunate enough to be out in it!

So today finds me inside, happily looking out the rain-spotted windows, cup in hand, at a very soggy garden. Will it fill my oh-so-very empty water butt? Not likely unless it gets a bit heavier, but I will be happy with what I get today. B-)

At least the British weather can still be counted on to ruin bank holiday weekends for those families on days out!

I think I will do some baking today instead. Maybe an apple crumble?

14 thoughts on “It’s Raining

  1. Thanks for letting me know 😊. There was a bit of spitting this morning and then the sun came out!

    I’d been watering the rhubarb almost daily, which I think it appreciated, but most of the rest of the garden was starting to suffer a little. Hopefully, I will now return to lots of growth everywhere 😊.

  2. Wish I could send you some of our rain, almost daily and not just gentle but downpours. I long to get into the garden to deadhead daffodils, seed, plant potatoes (it’s getting later and later!) and lots more. The seedlings would love to have some sunshine for a change, and so would I!

    1. Lol!
      It’s not been sunny every day, but with a lack of rain I just can’t keep everything going.
      I don’t want to get flooded… Just a nice drizzle every night for an hour or so will do me fine!

  3. Been raining on and off for the past three days down here. Absolutely marvelous!
    It is like a steroid infusion for the garden – plants and veg alike.
    The temperature’s dropped quite a bit, too, so we decided to have hot brad bread and veggie soup, with 50% of the ingredients from le jardin! So great to wander up the garden and pick some cabbage a onion and a couple of potatoes. Even a few courgettes.
    And I picked also our first strawberry today! The only one in fact.

    1. At this time of year do you have any runners on your strawbs? Don’t forget to get them into the ground to get free plants!

      I tend to pull all my potatoes in one go. Although I did have great results from leaving my spring onions in the ground and picking them off as I needed them. By the end they were as big as onions!

    1. I like the sound of the rain… I don’t mind being out in it so such… But working in it is a pain.
      Wearing waterproofs and working means you sweat that bad you may as well not be wearing them!

      I’m hoping to see a change over the next couple of days, that is for sure!

  4. Some of my potted babies look decidedly dry, too. Neighbours gave me a fennel plant! It’s so pretty I’m not sure if I want to eat it or look at it.

    Btw the acer seed has not grown. I’m sad.

    1. Oh noes!
      Although it seems fair as none of the tigridia have done anything so far. But it has been dry and they are outside… so still time yet.
      Fennel is a really nice plant, smells nice too.

      1. Oh, that’s fine for the tigridia, they aren’t doing anything at all yet here either. I’m super surprised that my gladiolus are spiking already! I didn’t figure that would happen for a while yet. Also my dahlias which I never bothered to pull are sending up greenery already. Weird.

        1. It has been another super mild winter here, I’m guessing yours had been mild too. That would explain why it is pushing up already.

          Good to know about the Tigridia I’ll still keep an eye I them though.

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