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Planters Planted.

Today, despite the weather being less than wondrous,  I was feeling brave and decided to have a go at my second, and hopefully last, big project of the year.

Last week I bought a bit of guttering so I could make a couple of planters for my strawberries. Today I got the whatsits in hand to get them together and erect them on the wall.

I started off with putting a couple of battens onto the wall. I used 3 pairs of 2″ screws because of the potential weight.

I daresay I could hang a fair bit more than 2 planters on that!

I then made sure to get them level, very important when there is a chance of water being in there! I then attached the hangers ready for the planters.

Once I had the fixings up I then spent some time on the planters themselves.

I filled them both with compost. Normally I don’t use it but this time I used a Miracle-Gro mix to make sure the plants get a good start.

Then I put the plants in.
I picked up 4 sets of plants, 2 of each type, Albion, Honeoye, Symphony and Elegance.  I kept them separate because if the labels go missing I don’t want to have to play a guessing game!
I’m thinking I should mark the planters too?

Once they were made up it was time to put them up on the wall.

You may think it was set a little high but I had to consider that I normally have a bench against that wall and I wanted it high enough that I don’t have to worry about people sat at the wall end smacking their shoulders all the time.

In the end I think I did a good job.
I may well put in a drip feeder at some point… But to do that I will be talking to a friend of mine who does plumbing. B-)


6 thoughts on “Planters Planted.

  1. Ha! Brilliant. My daughter mentioned this method last year and has been going on about doing something similar for a while.
    I shall most definitely show her this!
    I am expecting the ”Told you” response as well.

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