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B&Q Trip And The Next Project

This morning me and the missus took a quick trip to B&Q to look for stuff. I needed some pea gravel to top up the aquaponics, some guttering for my next project and a look to see what I can find in the way of plants.

In the end I bought some guttering for the strawberry troughs I’ll be making, complete with end caps and wall fixings. I didn’t put them up today because all my neighbours were enjoying the sunshine in their gardens and my drilling would just not be fair.

Speaking of strawberries, because of my amazing inability with seeds, NONE of the strawbs I planted came up… NONE. So I also picked up some plants. There were 4 types they were selling so I got 2 of each type (8 plants in all).
I also picked up a tray of peas (not pictured), because none of those came up either… *sigh*

I planted the peas in the beds as soon as I got home because I know those pods they come in dry out in the sun very quickly.

I also took a chance and decided to try a couple of the extra peas in the back of the aquaponics. It doesn’t matter if they fail, they are extras that I would not be keeping anyway, so I am not losing anything by trying. So I clean off the extra soil and popped them into the tub.
Will they survive? I dunno, maybe not… I guess we will find out!

And because today was really warm and sunny we decided to go for a walk at Nostell Priory for an hour or so… I decided it was warm enough for shorts again…
This remind me that it’s chicken for tea. B-)



11 thoughts on “B&Q Trip And The Next Project

  1. I had trouble with peas not germinating in the ground last year – figured it could have been birds finding them first?

    Some peas do take a while to germinate as well. I started 12 seeds about a month ago. While 9 have now been planted out, the other three are only just coming up, and that’s in the shed. So you could end up with a few more pea plants than you’d expected 😊.

    Four different types of strawberry plant might mean a long period of strawberries.

    1. I’m hoping I’ll get a long run with the strawbs. Or at least an idea of which I prefer.
      And I know the peas failed as a quick brush through the soil found withered husks. B-(

        1. Because I’m crap at growing seeds?

          In all honesty I have no idea. It could well have been because the seeds were a couple of seasons old.
          Maybe the frost we had the other day knocked them off…
          Too much water?

          I dunno… But then seeds consistently fail me.

    1. I hope so… It has been a LONG time in coming. Getting plants in and having them settle down has been a work in itself.
      If I had a lot more money this would have been so much easier, I swear!

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