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Broccoli Sprouting

Went out today to have a look-see around the garden and noticed that my Broccoli seds have started sprouting. Looks like my fears of only a handful germinating were unfounded. Loads of them, possibly all of them, have come up. Looks I will definitely have to wait a little and thin them out.
Nothing from the carrots or the potatoes so far, I’m not too worried about them yet, plenty of time for them to make a show.

The onions are doing well. Only a couple have sprouted green tops but a couple have grown roots.
I know they have because some of my bigger avian visitors have been pulling them out of the soil, obviously looking for grubs or insects under them!

Speaking of onions, I remembered that I also had a few Red Barons left from last year so I thought I would plant them in-between the other white ones. Only 11 in all, they ranged in size between quite small to actually fairly large! No idea how the larger ones will come out.


And now to the last bit, my rhubarb. It’s growing nicely with wonderful deep red stems and it looks like it does have a second crown growing. Maybe even a third? There is an odd leaf growing at a strange angle just bottom right in the image below.

My one question to anyone who knows… Can anyone tell me what this bulb is on the top? My Google-fu is letting me down and I’m not sure what it is. Should I be concerned?


30 thoughts on “Broccoli Sprouting

  1. Lookin really great Kal!! Congrats!! And don’t ya really hate birds some days??!! I have to do some major fencing this year to keep my chickens and guineas out of the plants. Love that they are out there after bad bugs – but LEAVE MY PLANTS ALONE JERKS!!! LMAO!!!

    1. I know!!!
      Ok… I get that they want dinner like I do, I can deal with that… BUT LEAVE MY STUFF ALONE! Or at least put it back again. >.>

      Don’t your soil scratchers run free, or do you keep them penned?

        1. Maybe not leashing them… But penning them in may be a good idea.
          not only can you control them but you can move their pen from time to time when you want a new patch of soil digging over and fertilising! B-)

          1. Lol when was the last time you tried to pen free range birds into a movable pen? Sorry but I’m giggling at the thought…we have a surrounded open space on the north side of their barn but they have gotten to be too many for it. Want to build the same on the south BUT.. Trying to find time to get it done is hard..maybe if I run a runner wire like they do for dogs. Slap a harness on each of the feathered freaks as they come out of the barn n let them just run the line👅👅👅 LMAO now…thanx for the fun thought Kal but these are sneaky birds n one if the roosters is gonna end up as freezer meat if he doesn’t quit jumping out and souring me😲😲

            1. What I actually thought of wad to put in stakes in the new area and line it wirh chicken wire. Will that not do?
              You could then nice the old one to another location ready for the next hop. No?
              You can tell I don’t keep chickens!

              What duo you mean by “souring”?

      1. Ah .. cabbages, of course.
        We may have sprouts.
        I’ll look to see what else we’ve got.
        Never planted potatoes, they just seem to appear from the peelings we bury!

        Watch this space … as they say!

        1. I had peelings produce in my compost bin once… But nothing beyond that.

          There are also some winter lettuce and parsnips are a great winter veg… If you like them.

          1. Beleive it not .. never eaten parsnip. Shall have to consult with the Boss.
            We get frost up here in Jo’burg and where we live we are higher up than most.
            The nights can get really brass monkey now and then.

            1. Most British type of winter veg should be fine then. Parsnips don’t get sweet UNLESS it has been frosty…
              And a parsnip is like a slightly less sweet but more fiberous carrot…

  2. I’m afraid your photo of the rhubarb hadn’t come up (at least not for me.. sounds like you’re veg is doing very well, anyway. You’re going to get sick of broccoli!

    1. None of the images loaded??
      They all work for me… Not sure what to say.
      We eat a LOT of broccoli here at home. One head doesn’t last a few days. We have it with most meals… That and sweetcorn. B-)

      1. I’m in the Peak District with very little reception and dodgy wifi so that might account for the missing image (just the rhubarb missing). Instead there appears to be a photo of your raised bed.

        Anyway, fab you’re going to get so much of your favourite vegetable!!

          1. But you’re presumably at home with decent connections?

            And most of your photos loaded – not so on some other posts I’m reading. Maybe it depends on the bandwidth of photos….

              1. Well, I am sure most people will be able to see them – my comment was meant only to say I couldn’t unfortunately answer your question about the rhubarb without seeing the photo.

      1. Nope, cut the flower now before it takes the energy from your fruit. Btw, my rhubarb flowered once – in 2013 after the very wet summer of 2012. Or maybe they tend to flower when they are younger?

        1. I agree with Helen on that – I don’t know why they flower. I looked it up and discovered it happens if they are ‘stressed’, which usually means, too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too much feeding, not enough feeding or just plain difficult! Good luck with yours.

          1. As far as I am aware they usually take a few years to settle in. Mine is on year two!
            I’m guessing it must be stressed after I put the needs in. Maybe I damaged it or something?
            Or maybe two mild winters have upset it?

            Anyway, as soon as it is big enough to get below it I’m lopping it off.

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