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Aquaponics… Finally!

So I finally got around to finishing off my aquaponics setup.

This has been one of the most annoying projects by far and mainly because of all the tiny mistakes I made while doing it.

I started out with just an idea and here we are, working!

Along the way I learned that I’m rubbish at woodwork, fitting pipes, buying items and judging my skill sets! B-)
It all started last year with an idea. Then back in February I made the frame. now with all the pipework finished I am all done and dusted.

Making the pots up was not so easy. My first mistake was made long ago when I bought the tubs. They came with holes, that was an issue. I had to use silicon sealant and pieces of plastic to plug them. If I ever decide to do this again, or modify it, I will go to a shop and make sure it’s what I actually need. It seems the internet isn’t good for everything!

I decided to use something called a Uniseal. It’s basically a big, thick, long-lasting seal used as an alternative bulkhead for piping. The idea is that it is very slightly smaller than the pipe that goes through it so it expands and makes a very good seal around it while still being reusable if I need to. On the point of reusing things. I decided to use push fittings rather than welding them. For a start it made everything slightly cheaper and if (ha!) I messed up it would be easier to fix them later.

Yeah… No need to make comments here. Moving on… B-)

The pipes I’m using are simple, cheap, 1.5″ (40mm) UPVC waste pipes. I drilled in a few holes into the pipes on one side, not all the way around, passed it through the uniseal, placed the 90° on the end and then fitted the down pipe to each of the pots so the water flows nicely. I may need to drill a ring of holes on the bottom of the down pipe, I’m having a small amount of back flow from the pressure, it could be settling, I will have to check in a few hours.

So now it’s all together and with all the visible issues fixed…. Bar one. *rolls eyes* I set it going. Here is a vid I took.

So what was the last issue I missed? If you are eagle-eyed in the vid you will see it…

Yep… Would you credit it? When I had the water flowing originally without any stones it never spilled any and so I never noticed. It was only when I put stones in that it started flowing strangely and then spilling. With a quick fix I sorted it. This is why I didn’t want to weld the pipes! >.>

Now I just need to decide what plants to try in my new setup!


2 thoughts on “Aquaponics… Finally!

  1. Cool! Don’t worry about your skills. I’ve got a lot of respect for someone who tries things they’ve never done before. And that’s how you develop the skills anyway. Good luck with the plants!

    1. Thanks!
      I don’t mind that I don’t have these skills as such. Its annoying that I bought the wrong type of tubs at the beginning, I should have known better than that! But the rest was just simply not knowing how these things get put together.

      All in all, while it’s been the more annoying project it has been the most rewarding!

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