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Cherry, Lily and Honesty

You would be forgiven that this was just a post about girls names… Erm… And you would be right… And wrong!

While I was out in my garden today I noticed that three newish plants were in the the process of flowering.

First was the Cherry. Now in open blossom it is actually quite a nice sight. No smell though, most cherries don’t have a scent.

It may not be totally full of blossom but it’s a damn sight better than the show last year… None at all!

Now I just need to see if I can protect any fruit from the birds.

Next up is the Honesty. Last year I was disappointed that it did nothing other than produce leaves until I learned that it is a biannual. *facepalm*

But anyway, this year it is already pushing up flower spikes and even opening a couple of the lower ones!

And finally Lily… Water lily to be exact.

Already there is a flower bud, only one though. This is almost a month earlier than last year.

I’m guessing that I will get another plantlet out of this. If I do I will see if it makes a difference if I DON’T cut it off like I did with my other one last year.

The plantlet I cut off just floats on the surface and is really having issues staying upright and producing leaves.

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine like I did today!


5 thoughts on “Cherry, Lily and Honesty

    1. There are a couple of verities you can get that have a scent… But they are rare and I think you have to import them from Japan so I bet they won’t be cheap!
      Prunus speciosa or the “Oshima cherry” is one.

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