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Highs, Highs and Lows

So the last week or so has been a mix of ups, downs and a grinding of gears.

First a mix of the high and low.
In the above image you can see that my Amaryllis has opened, yay!

But if you see the bulb in the middle you will see that there is an obvious problem. For some reason the growth and the flower is just… Wrong.

You can see that not only are the leaves stunted, but the flower has started to open and it has barely left the bulb itself! I’m not sure what has gone wrong, but it is obviously an issue.

I’m hoping it’s just a bad year. But if not then will I need to ditch the bulb? I dunno.

And now another high…

My cherry has blossomed!!! YAY!
No pollinators on it so far, though. Oh well.


15 thoughts on “Highs, Highs and Lows

  1. Looks good. I did a spot of gardening today too. Struggling with my herbs. The basil has taken off but the mint and s hives look sick!🙈 playing the “move them until they’re happy” game for now.

    1. Chives, if thats what you mean? can generally live anywhere. The only issue is that you may need to water them a little.
      How old are they? It may need splitting and replanting.
      My issue with mint is that it grows too fast! >.<

      1. No need to brag! Lol
        Yes I meant chives. They are okay, but I really nearly did kill the mint. I think it was too much direct sun where they were. I brought them in and they are doing much better but have replanted them into a much bigger pot today so hoping the better drainage will help also put them in the shade. It was 32C today – autumn weather 😎

        1. 32C???? That is high summer for here!
          You may want to try keeping the plants cool… Do you have any indirect light areas or automatic watering systems you can use?
          If anything I think you give them too much drainage… They may be drying out.

  2. I’m sure the pollinators must be about. I heard a bumblebee this evening as I was spraying the various plants that succumb to aphids – at maybe 8 pm. Anyway, great news on the cherry flowering. It must look a picture!

    1. It’s only a patio tree so it will never be big.. . But it’s still pretty and the thought that I may get cherries later, unless the birds get them first!

      Was the bee close to the ground? I have seen a few bees doing that. I think they are qieens looking for new nest sites.

              1. And with the hugelbeds, there are plenty of those. Oh well, forewarned is forearmed… and I won’t wear purple/blue when I’m out picking 😉.

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