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More GYO Planting

With yesterdays wind putting the breaks on my putting the seed down I went out this morning to have a have a second try. Luckily, while the wind was still breezy it wasn’t so bad. With that in mind I got on with it!

I started with the carrots. The two lines were still in place from yesterday so I quickly made two shallow furrows and scattered the carrot seeds in.

I have read a few times that carrot seeds are notorious for having a high fair rate so I probably put in a little too many.

No stress… I can always thin them out later.

In the other bed I put another two furrows. Now, this one was for the broccoli so although the packet said to plant 9″ (23cm) I only put them 6″ apart because I intended to thin them to a zig-zag pattern so I can put spring onions around them later on. The internet didn’t have a comment on how vigorous broccoli seeds are so I may have overdone these too.

I also made a mistake in that I didn’t have any nails in for the runs so in my ingenuity I decided to use a stick to keep a straight line. Go me!

After that, while I was outside, I decided to put the potatoes out too.

They have chitted up nicely  while indoors, and to be honest, I needed the space back!

Also… I think potato chits are weird and alien like. So very strange!

So, with enough potatoes on hand I put in 4 per bag, topped the bags off a little and gave them a little watering.

And then that was that.

So, so far this year I now have set down potatoes, carrots, onions, peas and broccoli. In a few weeks I will set some spring onions in and, when they come up, some tomatoes too. And with that I am already way ahead of what I was doing last year.

I have some lettuce seeds to put down at some point but I’ll have to look into how to protect them first. Time to hit the knowledge font!


3 thoughts on “More GYO Planting

  1. What are you thinking of protecting the lettuce from?

    Yes, carrots do have a high failure rate but I don’t think that’s the case with broccoli. That said, it is possibly different if you direct sow – I gave up on that in view of the soil being too heavy. I think they do better for not being transplanted, though.

    1. My soil there is really light because it is all new compost. So it should be better.
      I know that most plants prefer not having their roots disturbed. Makes sense really.
      And if I do have too many come up I can always thin them or even transplant some.
      It’s not as though the seeds were expensive! B-)

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