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Settin’ The Sets

This afternoon I was messing around in my outhouse and I noticed that my onions had already started to push. I was a little concerned that I had held off too long so I decided to get them into the beds.

I started with marking out the runs. I am not too good at keeping straight lines so I am not too proud to use string!

The packet said to plant the sets at 5″ (12.5cm) apart, but the internet says 6 (15cm) so I went with the internet because nobody on the internet would ever lie to me. *ahem* B-)

In the first bed I put 3 rows in, 9 in a row, 27 in all. In the space next to them I will put a line of broccoli. I think I will only get about 8 plants in that space though if I stagger them? Maybe I could get some more (spring) onions in any gaps to help deter pests.

In the other bed I got another 2 rows, so 45 onions in all and the bag is empty. So much for it having 50 sets in. >.>
I also set up nails for more rows. I’m going to put in a couple of rows of carrots and maybe some lettuce and spring onions on the far side, interplanted for protection of course!

I was going to take the time to put the carrots and broccoli seeds in now, but because it’s quite windy today I decided I didn’t want them flying off and losing them, so I will wait till the wind calms down a little. That is going to be a job for tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Settin’ The Sets

  1. Looks great. I plant my onion sets 3″ apart, then pull every other one as green onions. Kinda feels like cheating to get both a spring crop and then full-sized onions late summer from the same space. 🙂

    1. Good idea. The problem is that these taste a bit naff if eaten too young. I had a few last year that never really grew and I pulled them… Almost tasteless.

      On the opposite side I had a few spring onions I left in the ground and they were almost as big as onions and they all about blew my socks off they were that strong!

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