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The First Day Of Spring

Hello everyone, and welcome to spring!

Ok… To some spring has already sprung, probably in many ways if you look in your gardens! But today, the 20th March at 10:28am, the Vernal Equinox did happen.
For those of you in the southern hemisphere this means the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.

For more info on the vernal equinox, a Wikipedia article is HERE.

After a bit (HA!) of an annoying/frustrating 24 hours I needed something good today, so I went outside to see what the official start to spring had brought me and I was not disappointed!

Starting with my Daffies and Muscari. Almost overnight the Muscari have put on a show. I swear the Muscari were just green leaves on Friday!

The Daffies are yet to open up properly, but they won’t be long behind and with quite a few blooms evident they have not yet getting crowded. As this is their 4th year without being dealt with this may need to be the year they are dug up and spread out a bit.

Next up is the Camellia. Lots of blooms now but also still a fair few buds waiting to open. I’m so glad its done well this year. Poor thing!

The only issue is that with the rain last night it has knocked a couple of the very early blooms off. Nevermind, still plenty on there to enjoy!

Although I should probably think about moving that Yucca as it’s starting to poke into it.

Next is the spring border for my veg plot. It’s a mix of Aubretia and Polyanthus.
I don’t recall there being a mix of purple and blue Aubretia… Mutation? Meh… Not to worry.

If you are paying attention you will notice some kind of allium poking up. Looks like I missed something last year!


And finally… Could it be?
Will my patio Cherry flower this year? Those definitely look like flower buds there! It’s obviously not a leaf node like the one above left. Quite a few of these over the plant, mainly at the terminals though. Not many mid branch.

Will have to wait on if they open, although I don’t think it will be long. The wife will be so happy!

Also… Note the tiny spider webs on there. Looks like the spiders are out and about already, does this mean there are other insects out there for them to prey on?



10 thoughts on “The First Day Of Spring

  1. For those of you in the southern hemisphere this means the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.

    Yes … autumn indeed. I almost put my shades and sunblock away but then the sun came out.
    Sigh … shorts and T shirt again.
    Seriously, it will be a month or so before we feel the ”bite” down here and when it does come it can get quite ‘parky’,
    I have been known to wear two jerseys in the house!

      1. Come June /July it can get very cold. We’ve had snow three times I think … over the past thirty years, that is.
        But temperatures drop below zero at night sometimes.
        But the frost up here can get nasty and regularly nails a number of plants in the garden and decimates the banana tree every year. Keep forgetting to cover it and then … wham … nailed.

        1. Yeah. The cold will devastate a banana. There are a couple of banana trees at a place near us. They have to fleece it heavily every year.

          We don’t tend to have to many issues with tender plants unless they are exotics.

    1. I wish I could take credit but I saw it in a picture somewhere and copied it. The only difference was that their polys were red while mine are orange.
      Still… quite nice.

  2. The Camellia is so beautiful! If the Cherry flowers you will have to show us a picture. 🙂

  3. I’m even more sure they are flower buds now. They are in clumps inside buds… Leaves just don’t look like that!
    I’m thinking only a few days till they open.

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