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Actually Moving Along

So I finally made the beds up.
After a fair bit of floofing around over the past few weeks I got the beds positioned, filled and made ready for crops. Not only that but they all also got a fertilizing of blood, fish and bone to make sure the crops get a good start.

The two main beds will be peas(on the frame), onions, spring onions, carrots, lettuce/spinach/salad leaf, radishes and some broccoli. I plan on using interplanting in the vain hopes that the onions will help protect the lettuce and carrots from pests.

The bags you see to the left of the image are for the potatoes. They came out so very well last year that I decided to just do the same thing this year.

The smaller bed will have leeks and something also, not sure yet. Maybe some Broccoli?

The gap closest the camera will have tomatoes. Probably 3 plants? Maybe another one by the small bed if it will fit (It should)

While I was filling the bed yesterday I was very happy to find that my rhubarb had made it through the winter. It’s just by the stake in the forground of the main image.
When it had yet to show itself earlier in the year I was a little miffed and thought it had perished. So that will be another addition to the other crops.

I’m also thinking of using bark chippings around the beds to cover the soil. Mainly to keep weeds down but to also act like a mulch around the tomato plants and to discourage slugs from getting to the beds and maybe break down into the soil and condition it a bit so I don’t actually have to do so much with that. Yes, I’m really that lazy!

Speaking of discouraging slugs. I saw an article that suggested scattering sharp sand around the edges of the beds, or on the wood itself. Not sure if it will work, but it can’t hurt to try. Maybe I would need to use some PVA glue to help it stay in place.


11 thoughts on “Actually Moving Along

  1. I’ve heard of strips of sandpaper glued to the tops of raised beds, but since my slugs tend to stay in shady areas (they love the hostas in the fairy garden) I’ve never tried it.

  2. I’ve heard that woodchips can take nitrogen from the soil, so mulching might be better in the form of grass, as you’d suggested in a recent post?

    Sounds great that your raised beds are ready, anyway.

    1. Its between the beds… Not ON the beds. The only issue would be around the tomatoes… But I will be feeding those so I don’t think any leeching will be an issue.

      I think. B-)

    1. I did potatoes in bags last year. It wasn’t the best but I know what I did wrong. Even so I got a good crop and they tasted great.
      This yeast I won’t repay the mistakes I made… Not mounding up right, not watering enough, not unrolling the bags all the way to the top…

      1. Have you (or do you have available) straw for your taders? We were raised to mound with dirt, then we learned that a bit-o-dirt and a ton of straw makes for better taders. They can grow and spread out bigger/better – for us anyway. The last bed was a heavy mix but the chickens got into it before I could cage it – boo hoo. So this year will try the same mix in bags or old tires (heard that works too?!).

        1. I know tyres works. That is what they used I many of the schools we visited.
          They got them super cheap or free so they used them.
          I have given up trying to get straw bales. I can only get them in threes or REALLY expensive. Far cheaper to use compost.

          And… “taders?” LOL!

  3. Did you decide to plant broccoli? I’m growing broccoli for the first time ever this year (with some help from my green-fingered housemate). It’s all very exicting for a newbie!

  4. I’m not sure yet. Not planted anything out beyond the peas.

    The onions and potatoes are all but ready to go. The potatoes have been chitting for a few weeks and the onions have one or two that are already bursting. So they will need to go out soon.

    I’m still not sure if I will have enough space for broccoli.. That is my main issue. That and if the slugs will destroy them!

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