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Sunday, Gentle Sunday

Sunday was another great day for getting out into the garden, so that was just what I did. Although I didn’t do a lot, per se. I did get to start a few things off.

I started off my peas for a start. I know you generally need to start them in situ… But the bed isn’t full of soil yet so I’m starting them in a pot and I will transfer them in once they sprout.
I put them in those small pots because if we get a cold snap I can put a cloche over the top to protect them.

I then found a packet of Sunflower seeds I got last year but forgot about. So I planted them in threes towards the back, along the border by the fence.

You will note that this is an edible plant. I didn’t realise you could use them as salad greens?!

The last set of seeds I put down was the Bee mix I got from the BBCT for my Birthday late last year. It’s a mixed bag of who knows what.
The instructions were to just scatter and gently rake them in. So that is what I did. I barely used any of the seed as they only went in the corner plot with the clover and chives.

And that was really all I did other than a little weeding (The cleavers are starting to show themselves again!) and a look at what was next to open up.

Speaking of opening up.

It looks like my apple is doing very well.

I really doubt I will get anything for a few years, if ever, but it’s a nice plant to have a go at making into a Bonsai.

Even if that fails I have lost nothing. It came out of one of the wife’s apples!

And finally… My Cherry is definitely doing something. I don’t know if they are blossom buds or simply leaves?.. But it’s doing something!


14 thoughts on “Sunday, Gentle Sunday

  1. I used to follow package instructions, and plant peas singly in rows. Then back in the late 1970’s or early 80’s I read “Crockett’s Victory Garden” and learned “broad band” pea planting. Huge yields in the same amount of space. Get a copy of his book if you can…it’s out of print, but I sometimes find it at used book stores and always buy it to pass on to a new gardener.

    1. Just Googled it. It’s based on the US TV show, yes?
      Over here we have/had TV shows that do something akin to the same thing. Some were based on the Victory Gardens laid out for the time of the second world war.

      I googled “broad band pea planting” but couldn’t find anything specific as a method. Care to expand on it??

      I’m very much a basic gardener (And cook!) I prefer to follow the instructions as I tend to jump the gun a little! B-)

      1. Nothing wrong with experimenting. You never know what you might discover!

        That aside, I have found that direct sowing pea seeds works best but that of course isn’t always possible. I.e. why I too am sowing in pots.

        Anyway, interesting experiment with the apple seed. I wonder what the apples will be like.

        1. I’ll put fair money that I’ll eventually just get something like a pink golden delicious.
          Even if it works perfectly then I will only get a Cripps Pink… if you want to know why just Google “pink lady”!

          But what the hey… Anything would be good!

  2. We have five lemon trees all grown from pips from lemons bought from the veg dept. at the supermarket.
    And they all produce lemons! Loads and loads.
    We also have an olive tree that in all the yeas we’ve had it had given us exactly two olives
    Once the garden starts producing fruit and one one tends to take it for granted – until you run out and have to go and by at the shops and experience a ”flippin’ heck” moment at the price of … say a single lemon!

    We also have a few Avo trees that have given us zilch and a Pecan nut tree that has delivered no pecans!

    We have a plum and a peach tree which produce tons but the birds beat us to most of it and I daren’t spray with having a koi pond. Besides I am not a great one for insecticides etc and the birds have to eat too right?
    But we grow all sorts of stuff here and there, from a couple of gooseberry bushes to jam tomatoes.
    And I am embarking on a personal ( read: mad) quest to produce 1000 chili plants.
    I have about 400 so far and have a whole bunch of new ones sprouting in seed trays in the shed!

    1. I don’t have ANYTHING LIKE what you do… But then I’m guessing I don’t have anything like the space for them either!
      I have a grand total of, hold yourself for a moment, 3 chillies. 3… I bet you feel threatened now, don’t you? B-)
      Is that 1000 different varieties or just 1000 individual plants in total?

      I’d like to have actual trees… But we live in a rented house so no trees. Shrubs are OK, but no trees, so we have to stay with patio trees or just avoiding it all together.

      BTW… Do you have 2 Olive trees? From what I understand a few cropping plants need multiples to actually do anything. Blueberries, olives and a few others (Figs, too IIRC?) It could be that.

      1. Re: Chillies. About six different varieties. We bought several packets at the super and I dried them out and took the seeds.
        To make any decent amount of chilli sauce/paste I have discovered you need loads of fruit.
        We bury all our vegetable matter and things just pop up – potatoes, gemsquash, cocktail tomatoes.
        I do grow a few runner beans but the soil is not good and have no success with carrots.
        I’ve started growing herbs this year ‘ parsely, thyme, basil, rosemary and we planted a bay tree too.
        Much of this we grow in pots that are around the pond to try to discourage the Herons from getting to the edge of the pond.

        Only one Olive tree. You’re right, and this, like the Avo trees is probably why we don’t get any fruit.Male and female or what ever it’s called for trees.
        I shall inquire of the missus. She’s more clued than I am.

        We have quite a few trees, including what I reckon is a huge black wattle that will have to come down one day before it falls over and flattens the shed, and maybe even the west side of the house. Johannesburg is one of, if not the most treed major city in the world I once read.
        Our property is on 2200 squares so this helps. Our previous property had only 500 squares and there were four trees on that too!
        Oh yeah, we have two wild fig trees as well. We didn’t plant them. I suspect the seeds came the derriere of some bird or other. It fruits but the birds nab these as well!
        Buggers that they are!

        All good stuff, though!
        Here’s some of the chillies I managed to grow earlier during the season.

        1. HAHAHA!!!
          I did Cayenne peppers a couple of years ago… Picked the fruit and, well… Cried. A lot. Lesson learned!

          If you have a lot of trees do you try improving your soil with leaf mould at all?
          This year I’m going to put down a mulch of bark chippings to do something akin to that. I may also see about collecting some leaf litter while at work and bring it home in bags to rot.
          Here in Yorkshire we don’t need to worry about herons, or so I thought until I lost all my fish to one. >.>
          I then bought a plastic heron… So far it seems to have worked. Well… My fish are not mysteriously disappearing at least.

    2. Forgot to mention my Lemons…
      I have 3 Lemon plants in the house (Too cold to have them outside here in the UK) I did have 6 but I gave a few away.
      Mine were from Meyer Lemons though because that was what the internet said was the best to go for. *shrug*

  3. So jealous!! Our weather still cannot decide what it wants to do – flowers are out of the question until we are sure of no deep freeze. Also – watch those dastardly Sunflowers!! We planted a Monet Mix about 8 years ago and are STILL getting unwanted volunteers from them. FYI – they were a “hybrid” and the originals were outstanding – HOWEVER – everything since is just a smaller version of the standard yellow sunflower. Their stalks are as hard as small branches to get rid of in fall.

    1. I’m not sure what type they are. Pretty sure they are a hybrid though.

      I don’t mind them coming back. I can always move them if they are a problem.

      As to the weather… we could still get a cold snap yet. Hope not though, I’m enjoying the sun!

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