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Anything flowering?

We are still in early spring but already things have begun to open up their blooms. Although there is quite a lack of pollinating insects buzzing around the place there are a few plants that are opening up in eager anticipation of those buzzy little workers coming to visit.

As you can see above the seasonal bed has had a resurgence in blooms. In mid-winter it seemed to lose most of its small amount of blooms. Now they are coming up a treat!

As well as the bed I now have my ‘Tête á Têtes’ fully open, and they are very yellow! (No scent though) B-(

After that there are also…
The Aubretia, just starting to flower.
The Pieris
And the orange Polyanthus

And to cap it all?

My personal fave so far this year. The Camellia. The plant that has suffered so much with being dumped by someone, rescued by me, moved around that garden at least 3 times and finally being infested with aphids two years in a row. This is its year to shine.


12 thoughts on “Anything flowering?

  1. The wife planted out some Narcissus (daffodils) bulbs she got in a pot from a local supermarket last year but for the life of me I can’t remember where she planted them!

      1. I had this trouble a few years back with some black Arums the wife brought home from overseas. We still cannot find them and she is convinced I dug the bulbs out and slung them.
        You can imagine I was not popular for quite a while!

          1. Well, the seasons come and go like my memory … or my mind as the wife tells me.
            They were originally planted in a bed underneath our bedroom window but I did some major plant shifting at one point so who the heck knows what happened to them!
            I reckon they are lurking in the dirt there somewhere and are just too bloody mean to make an appearance.

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