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Lavender Bed

Continuing on this weeks theme of getting stuff done while the sun shines… B-)

Back near the end of January, me and the missus went to B&Q and picked up a few bargains, you can read about it here.  Today, After taking two trips to the tip to get rid of some rubbish, I got them, finally, into the ground. Well done me!… In all honesty even I was getting annoyed at myself that they were still just left by the back door doing nothing for two months!

Anyway, with the grass now cut, the sun still warm and no other excuse to mind, I got my big boy pants back on and got to digging.

The area I cut wasn’t exactly like I envisioned when I first got the plants, but no problems there. The turf was dumped, upside down, into one of the raised beds in the veg plot. No sense losing it.
I did, however, run into my first ‘problem’… I had forgotten to clip back the Buxus you can see at the end of the bed. This was the bush where the Blackbird was nesting last year. I’m guessing that is why I didn’t clip it back when I did the other bushes.

Anyway, it didn’t get done and so now it is slightly growing over where the bed would be and, as you can see in this pic, it is now full of flower buds. Typical!
I’ll not clip it back now, Many insects love Buxus flowers so I will just have to deal with it this year and make sure I prune it back later.

After giving the bed a tickle to open up the soil a little. I didn’t bother improving it with some compost, it didn’t need it. It was a really nice, rich brown and FULL of worms.

I then placed the plants on the bed to get an idea of spacing. The slope was a bit of an issue. The soil had to be compacted a little to keep it in place.

After moving the plants around a little I settled with this idea.

I then took the plants out of the pots and put them into the ground.

And here came my other issue. The roots on the Lavender were really tight and full. You can see them here. I had to really open them up and I swear there was very little actual soil in the middle. It was nearly all roots! Hopefully this will mean the plant will get a good head start on growing.

And that was it.

The only other thing I did was to plant my two Verbena bonariensis I rescued last year into my diamond bed. I have also been looking for a nice place to put my Cyclamen… Although I am considering interplanting them in with the Lavender.


13 thoughts on “Lavender Bed

  1. Your weather must me way different than ours! I have seen pics of beautiful lavender farms back east (VA, PA etc.) but I have not figured out how to get it to last here in CO? It looks great by the end of season, but then by the next spring its dead? The stuff in the greenhouse does ok…just can’t get the outside to work – any thoughts??

    1. I bet you have too harsh a winter for them.
      The winter of 2010 here in the UK decimated so many house gardens it was unreal and that would be your normal winter.
      The only thing I could think of is to fleece them after flowering… Or look for a local variant that will tolerate your winters.
      Having said that… It must grow over there because I found a site in Boulder, CO (Is that near you?)

      Maybe they sell something?

      1. nope – Boulder is in the foothills. It sits in a “pocket” against the mountains (about 3 hrs drive from us – just north west of Denver). Think that’s why it is such a good college town. Easy to get up in the mountains to ski or hike, but down low enough to be warm in the summer but not too hot. Been there tons of times but never looking for lavender…time for another road trip – woo hoo!!! Thanx for the link! will check it out.

    1. I certainly hope so!

      I was wondering if the plant was on sale because it was already pot bound and had had the roots trimmed previously.
      It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  2. Oh, Rick- I get so jealous of you!!!! Lucky you to hvae been Abel to start in your garden!
    here it started snowing again last night…15cm today of snow on my “garden”…Think I’ll have to wait!
    have a nice day!

    1. Ok… First I have to apologise. For some reason this comment got caught by the spam filter. I will have to have words with it about that! B-)

      You got snow again? Are you not coming into Spring now?
      We have been having some very nice days of late. Sunny and bright. Still only 10C degrees though.

  3. Laid out a Lavender hedge myself a couple of years back, but I grew everything from cuttings.
    Took a while as you can imagine! Plnted out three varieties, though I forget their names.
    I am more of a dig-a-hole-plant-something-and-if-it-grows … great! type of gardener!
    I must get around to trimming it back into shape as it is looking a bit like a gorse thicket at the moment.

        1. Last year I had 5 types in the garden. mainly Bumbles, but a couple of solitaries too.
          I’m hoping to encourage more solitaries… But that isn’t so east here. B-(

            1. Oh no. I don’t feel bad that I only have a half dozen or so. In fact I am more proud than I can say that I managed to encourage bees to nest in my garden!

              Obviously I must be doing something right. I just need to tweak my garden to give them more of a help.

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