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First Spring Cut… And other things.

This morning, after yesterdays afternoon rain, was actually quite a nice day so I decided to get back out into the garden while I can.
First off… I just want to show you how I finally decided to put my raised beds.

I’m going with this idea because I still managed to get the small box in that corner and I still have a fair bit of open space to put some tomatoes or anything else.
I also added in the wire frame for the peas. Mainly I put them in now because I wanted to know if I needed to get any other wood or something to make them stay up!

And now for the actual reason for the post… Probably against my better judgement, I decided I should cut my grass for the first time this year.

In the main it was just a top-dressing. The grass itself is still quite long. I didn’t want to take off too much just yet because if we do get a frost or two there is still enough padding to protect the growing stem. I don’t want the grass to be too short and suffer for my stupidity!
Not that I have ever done anything stupid! *ahem!* B-)

You can see that I took at least 3″ of length off the whole lawn. There is still a good 2″ of growth on there, plus the scattering that was too wet to get picked up by the mower.
My mower doesn’t handle wet grass too well.

One other thing that I am doing the grass cutting today is because I am going to be putting a layer of grass clippings in the raised beds to act as a bit of a mix of moisture retaining medium and to break down and feed the beds over time.

Obviously the grass will reduce quite a bit, but I intend to cut the grass again in a week and top it all up then. With luck the grass thatch will dry up a little and I will get a better cut. I don’t intend to cut it too short though. Not until early May time. But by then the beds will be topped up with top soil… So… *shrug*



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