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Project time!

Sorry for not posting for a while… Life has been busy. I just got a new job, the weather has been less than hospitable and nothing seemed to be happening that I could really report on. However… All this changed yesterday with the arrival of a little bit of sunny weather.

I got outside and finally got around to knocking up the raised bed frames. All I need to do now is decided just where to put them and then fill them!

As to where to put them. I don’t mean ‘Where in the garden’ rather… What configuration in the veg plot? The two large ones are 5ft x 3ft and the small one is 2ft x 2ft and they are all 8″ deep.

This was my first idea.
Not the best set up but it allows me to use the small space to the right of the picture.

As you can see in the bottom pic with the smaller box anywhere else it just doesn’t work. I’ll need to put it to somewhere to fill the smaller gaps.

This was my second idea,

As from above, the smaller box doesn’t work there. Maybe I could swap the two boxes on the left so the smaller box is closer to me and the larger box goes further back?

Yes, both of these ideas leave a big gap, but that is OK. I plan on putting tomatoes in there and they can happily sit outside of the raised boxes.

What I am thinking on doing with the potatoes is to have them in bags to the left of the bottom picture, where you can see the green bag now. I used a bag with a bit of soil in it to gauge the space I would need. They seemed happy enough there last year so I will go with that again.

I was going to go outside again today and have another go at ideas for placing the boxes only it started tipping it down again, so… No. I guess you can only have one day of nice here now we have hit spring!

Speaking of spring…



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