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Amaryllis Broken?

In October last year I chopped down my Amaryllis, wrapped it up and put it to sleep.

Just after Christmas I started checking up on it to see if it was pushing up yet. Nothing… About a month ago I started to get a little concerned that it still wasn’t showing any signs.

So… fast forward to yesterday and I got fed up of waiting and got them out of the outhouse and brought them into the house.

I spent about 5 mins getting rid of the old, dead layers of skin around the neck, but I could still see no growth. The bulb is firm, other than those few loose layers, and there is no bad smells. Because of this I’m hoping that they are fine, just slow to get going this year.

I now have them in my room with a good drink. With luck the presence of the moisture in the soil will give it a kick and start it moving.

Anyone else got any Amaryllis, are yours pushing up yet? Please don’t tell me I am the only one!


15 thoughts on “Amaryllis Broken?

    1. Does the sniff check work? I’m guessing that amaryllis that have died will smell.
      In a couple of weeks, if I doubt see any growth, I may well dump it out of it’s pot and see if the roots are growing.
      If they are doing something then it may will just be slow or didn’t form anything over winter.

        1. It would also be weird that all 3 bulbs died at the same time.
          Unless there was some kind of fungal infection then they shouldn’t die in the outhouse, it just doesn’t get that cold.

  1. I agree with Helen – how old are the bulbs? OR – did something get into the soil in that spot/place that they didn’t like? Is/was it cat proof? How about mouse proof? We have had issues with both when we tried to store outside the house (in sheds or barns). So now everything/anything gets saved in the pantry(our storm cellar – enclosed in cement – no windows and only door is in the downstairs hallway.).

    1. The oldest bulb is 3 years old. It’s the one with two bulbs. The single one is the first pup from it.
      It was kept in the outhouse high up on a shelf. No chance of mice add the cat goes on there to use the litter tray..
      Besides. There was no nibble marks on it.

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