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Planting Out… Finally.

After thinking that I wouldn’t be able to get out into the garden yesterday, the skies decided to clear around midday and give me some sunshine, so I managed to get some plants, long overdue, into the ground.

I got most of Tuesdays purchases into the ground. I also managed to get the stuff I got from my Mum a while ago into the ground.

Most of the plants went into the newest bed. The only exceptions were the Bleeding heart, that went in the back garden by the fence, because it’s almost permanently in shade there. The Stargazer Lilies also went into the back garden, but on the other side by the fence. It should get almost full sun there until mid afternoon.

With the new bed I did a plan of what is where. Only a few of them are above ground.

Obviously the plants won’t stay as small as the circles. The Dwarf Buddleia will grow to at least 2ft wide and I hope the Milkweed (Asclepias) grow to create a fair background with it possibly growing up to 4ft in height!

In amongst all the plants are the crocus’. I may add in some other spring bulbs in time, maybe more Alliums than anything else? I don’t want daffies in there as they are already more than prominent in the borders, with many clumps in both the front and back.

Tomorrow I may well do the strawberries. Get those planted and do a check on any other of my seeds, see if any of them need planting up yet.



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