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Bulb Bonanza!

On Tuesday the missus had a day off from work, so being the ultimate romantics we are, we decided to go to one of the local garden centres.
This was a garden centre we have been to before, but I wasn’t really impressed with. To be honest, the plants were a bit worse for wear and it just simply wasn’t much of a nice place to go.

But… It, according to the radio advertisements I have been hearing, it was under new management. So, with a bit of cash in my slightly grubby mitts we went for a looksee!

To be honest it was still a bit shabby and haphazard. But they were obviously doing improvements like building work so I can forgive them. They were also trying to do upgrades to the insides and so while it may look messy now I can see it being much better in time.
This may be a place to come back to.

So what did I buy while I was there? In all honestly I don’t actually need any actual plants. I don’t really have much space left to put anything in.
One of the big reasons for out going was that they had some cheap compost for sale. Well… By the time I got there it was all gone. Not a surprise. It was like £2 for a 60l bag… That is cheap!
But what I was looking for was some spring bulbs… And guess what I got? Yup!

The very first thing we saw when we entered was a room full of bulbs. And they were all on sale.
Some of these plants were already pushing, hence the sale. So I got all the ones in the pic. The items were all 50% off the tagged price. So this lot was only £6… (The Tulip in the pot was £3)

I also picked up a bag of onion sets. These were also on the half price ticket. I’m not sure why… Possibly these were in with the bulbs by mistake, but they honoured the deal at the till.

I liked the Stuttgarter. It was what I had last year. They had a great taste and once pulled, they kept well in my outhouse.

The last thing was a packet of strawberries. Apparently strawbs grow easily from seed… So I’m going to have a go, even though by seed-fu is weak!
I want about 10 plants, maybe more so I can get going. If more come through then I will hand them out a bit.


As today is a bit dry I’ll see if I can finally get outside and get some of this lot planted out.


12 thoughts on “Bulb Bonanza!

  1. We have never planted strawberries or raspberries by seed, always by cuttings. Did plant onions (chipolinis – not sure on the spelling? hee hee) by seed one year. Only about 1/2 came up (this was in the greenhouse by the way). They are a small variety but very VERY yummy!! would love to do them again – maybe save seeds this time to have continuous. They do not take up much space due to their size, but they have great flavor. We did Walla sets one year, yes they were huge, but not as good a flavor. Please keep me up on your strawberry seed progress – very interested!!
    Oh, and you picked 2 of my fav flowers – lily of the valley & bleeding heart – both do not do well out here without tons of help!.

    1. Bleeding heart does very well here. The wet springs followed by warmer summers brings in nicely. It’s not often that hot here that the heat is an issue. Occasionally we may have a rain issue but it’s rarely that bad.

      Lily of the valley is a new one to me. I got it because it liked shaded areas. I was going to try and put a few around the front of the house that never sees direct sunlight after an hour after sunrise. A perfect place for it!

      normally I would buy plants. But I’m nothing if not a sucker for misery! Besides I really need to get over this black seed thumb thing I have going!
      Most people say to get runners from the previous years growth but I don’t know anyone with any and none of mine actually put any out!
      I saw some at the garden centre but they didn’t have a price sticker even though they were definitely set for the ‘rescue me’ area!

      As to onions… I was recommended to try the 2 step method for onions… get sees off plants, grow them in a seed tray and then the following year plant them as sets.
      While it worked in principle I simply do not have anything like enough space to do it in any meaningful numbers!

        1. I know that sometimes plants don’t come up because they are building roots. I don’t know if that happens a lot… But it does happen.
          These and most of the bulbs I saw, were already pushing… If it doesn’t materialise this year then they failed, I guess?

  2. The runners on my exterior “june bearing” strawberries didn’t show up till the 2nd year The greenhouse has ever bearing and they did not have runners until we cleaned out all the old debris and added new compost (topped it off, after a couple of years in the greenhouse, the soils settles and seeps back down and needs to be topped off – just like outside). Then they gave runners up the wazoo!! Now we are looking into different types of vertical growing for them – looks like PVC is winning so far! They chipolini onions we did from seeds were started in a tray then transplanted when the stalks were about 2 inches high – very small but grew well!

    1. Vertical gardening is what I did. You just have to have a constant drip method so the soil doesn’t dry out. That was my biggest problem, getting water to the plants or the plants closer to the water source!

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