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A Day In The Sun

Because today has been such a wonderful day I decided to get outside and do some work.

Most of the work was done in the veg patch. I was hoping that I would have some money to hire a tiller for this, but, well… That wasn’t to be. So I did it by hand. Rotovating and raking it off. When I was done it looked much better!

That took more than an hour. Quite a lot of small weeds had to be gotten rid of. Nothing big though.

After this I moved to my smoke bush. It’s possibly a little too early to prune it, but as has started to bud up I felt I had little to lose.

Those longer stems really did well last year so they needed pulling back.

I only took it back to the main stems, about a third of the mass. This is it. Oh, and I need to clear out the stuff behind it.  >.<

After I did this I went for a walk around my garden to see what was what.

My bulb tub is really going for it now. You can clearly see Tulips and Daffies in there. There may also be a couple of Crocus too… I tend to dump odd bulbs in there.

The moss had to be pushed down because the spring bulbs had lifted it clear off the soil!

Next up is the Camellia. The amount of flower buds on it is REALLY good. This is most definitely the best show so far.

I’m thinking that with the mildish winter the frosts haven’t taken many buds off. Really looking forward to seeing it full of flowers!

After a walk around I was struck at how well the Lambs lugs (Stachys byzantina) has done. in the autumn there were no real new growths, just a couple. Now it’s really got a few new stems growing.

With luck I will get some vertical growth and maybe even some flowers?

The only other thing is the other bulbs that are pushing up. Both Tulips and Daffies are now visible. None of the delicate bulbs are showing yet though.

Now to the final thing… Crocus!
Year before last I put a load of Crocus down in the lawn, you can read about it here. While I was outside today checking on the rest of the garden I took a quick look at it not expecting anything other than a few weeds. Yeah, I got a few weeds, but I also found these!!
With them doing so very poorly last year I didn’t expect them to have done anything. This just goes to show how wrong I can be!

I made a little video, you can look at it on YouTube.


6 thoughts on “A Day In The Sun

  1. WOW KAL – is this normal weather for you? Spring already? We will do seed starts this month, potatoes and onions in ground with straw on top next month, but our Aprils have been waayy too iffy the last few years. Would not even think of pruning until at least mid to end april. FYI all your newbies and hard work look fantastic!!

    1. No… This NOT normal. January and February are often cold, wet and often snowy. Our seasons are usually moved on a little.
      March is usually the start of Spring with April being the main spring month (April Showers is very much a thing!).
      But the past winters have been REALLY mild so spring has been coming in early.
      After saying that… With the big climate change issue coming along we are due a monster winter… I’m just hoping it won’t be another winter like 2010. B-(

      I have my potatoes and my onions but the potatoes are only chitting at the mo. Nothing is going in the ground just yet!

    1. I’m hoping it sorts itself out soon, although I doubt it will.

      I just really hope we don’t get what the scientists fear may happen… a little more homogeneity in the seasons apart from the extremes.
      Winter or summer being vicious and the other seasons being “meh”

    1. Last year wasn’t so bad. The summer was nice… Not too hot, a bit wet… But not too bad. The big problem is that Autumn never actually became winter as such. It got cold… But not wintery… If you get my gist?

      And… Without any word of a lie… Getting outside and doing things improved my demeanour a LOT. I have been happy/chirpy all day! B-)

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