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We are not even into Spring yet and, I’m not sure about you guys, but I am already being treated to some birdsong in the mornings.

This clip was taken this morning at around 7am just as I was doing my morning chores. I actually noticed it the other day but it didn’t click that it was actually proper birdsong rather than just birds making a noise!
Yeah… I’m often not fully working on all neurons at that time of the morning!

I’m sure I can hear a Robin and a blackbird… Not sure of the others.

Anyone else notice birdsong?


10 thoughts on “Birdsong!

  1. Yes, I have noticed birdsong… was surprised as I didn’t remember it being so early in the year before. However, it is nice to see the birds in the garden – wonderful seeing two robins jumping about this morning 😊.

  2. Only the rarest of phrases here. We are still many weeks away from the mating season. Except for Great Horned Owls. They are hooting up a storm and living up to their middle name.

    1. We don’t usually hear any owls here until late on. There is a wood not far from here that does have owls… But they avoid our copse of trees because of the houses and dogs (I think, anyway).
      Would be nice to see some owls!

    1. I suppose you would have a totally different kind of birdsong to us. (Continents aside).
      You being fully rural would get a wider range of birds than us with a semi-rural area.

  3. The other day I was driving to town when a Bald Eagle swooped down in front of me – maybe 10 feet away – soo cool! I love the owls at night during the summer. they make some noise in winter, but are really out-and-about in the summer.

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