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I found the hole!!!

While it’s not something your average bloke would care to admit… I did.
Around November I did a post about how my pond had a hole and was losing water at a fair rate.
Well, cut to today being a wonderful spring day. No, lets not talk about that for now… I will never get to my story. So with it being a nice day I decided to re-do the pond.

The vast majority of the first part was the most difficult and time consuming. That’s right… catching the damn fish, taking out the last of the plants and making sure all the frogs that I had banished from the pond had indeed stayed gone. Hint, no, they hadn’t.
With a little sadness I have to report that I now only have 4 goldfish and 1 Koi. I had them all (8+1 koi) in November when I first noticed the leak but now I only have 4. I can only think that a bird or something had gotten to them somehow?
No matter… I will have to make up the numbers at some point.

After that I drained the last of the water and I was going to clean off the detritus at the bottom so I could just lay the new liner on top when I noticed this. I finally found it!!! That, I think, is the hole that has been my bane for a while. What a pain!
So now that I found the hole I don’t have to use the lining that I had. I wouldn’t mind but I spent a good 20 mins making sure of the dimensions of the pond and that I had enough liner. I did, but it was only just enough!

So now that I had my hole found I had to prep the area so I could use my repair tape on it.
A small thing for some of you that have to do this… The area you are going to fix needs to be clean and it will likely need a scrub to get rid of algae and crud. NEVER use a scourer that has seen any action in the house! It will likely have soap or chemicals on it. You NEVER EVER want to introduce cleaning chemicals to a pond as it will likely upset or, at worst, kill the inhabitants!
Only ever use a brand new scourer and rinse it through before use in the pond. As it was I used a pad that I took from my filter. It was already full of good bacteria and it had never seen chemicals other than H2O.

So I get it clean, dry it off and inspect it for actually being clean… Then did it again, because reasons.
Then I put on the repair tape. BY FAR the most annoyingly difficult thing I have ever had to do. That stuff is STICKY. I had to put the first piece on, roll it flat, no air pockets, then peel off the cover tape and then do it again with the top piece. Sheesh. That took AGES!

After that I left it to sit for a half hour and tidied up the area around the pond and put my tools away. Once I felt happy about it I attached my hose to my water-butt and let the water flow in the pond.

And that was me done. As I type this I’m waiting for the pond to fill up so I can turn the pump back on later. With luck there shouldn’t be any more problems… We shall see!


15 thoughts on “I found the hole!!!

  1. Congratulations Kal! Is that the correct repair tape for a pond liner? It looks like duct tape to me! Are all your goldfish one sex or another ? If so buy one of the opposite sex so the have babies!?

    1. Yep… It’s a bitumen tape.. It’s actually more like very thin silly putty rolled out onto a tape. Handling it was horrid and sticky as all hell!

      I have no idea about the sex of the fish and no idea how to tell which is which. The fact that I still don’t have more after 3 years kinda shows I only have one, or the environment isn’t right for them to breed.
      If I get more I will have to see about trying to get a mix of genders to see if I can get some babies.

      To be honest my indoor fish don’t seem to want to breed either… Not sure what to say to that! B-(

      1. I was just wondering about fish breeding as a way of not having to buy more. There must be a way of them breeding in captivity otherwise how do shops get them but maybe it is to do with environment – or else the shops only sell, say, all females.

        1. Do you know…I have no idea. There must be some way of sexing them, maybe when they are older? But it could well be that I simply don’t have the right conditions for breeding.
          Don’t forget that my pond isn’t quite crowded with plants yet… It could be that. I will have to read up on it and see what I can find.

            1. I read up… It’s all about getting the right setup and making sure I get males and females.
              I need more plants in my pond, not such an issue now that I have a lot more plants now than I ever did. I also need to get on with making cleaner water. It’s ‘ok’ now but it needs to be better for mating. Hopefully my aquaponics project can help here.

              Other than that it’s just wait and see.

              1. My ‘wildlife’ pond at home has reached a kind of equilibrium where new goldfish seem to appear from time to time (we’ve never restocked them) – your goldfish might be breeding without you realising because the fry are normally very dark and hard to spot.

                1. I’ve had the goldfish for 3 or 4 years. Nothing so far. Unless something is eating the babies like they do in my aquarium?
                  I know that the Koi is a real threat to the frog spawn in my pond. He will eat that all day. Could he be eating any baby goldfish, if I’m having any?

                    1. I know they eat small insects, frog spawn and the like. I suppose if they are hungry they will eat anything they can get sustenance from.
                      Even though I feed my fish I’m guessing a passing meal isn’t to be wasted.

    1. It was obviously caused on the inside rather than the out. I guess it was either a stone (Or my plastic stork) falling in and catching the side or one of the roots digging in.

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