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Oh Chit…

Yup… I dun did it again. I forgot to pay attention to time… Again! Now who could see that coming? Why does nobody remind me when I forget things?
It was only seeing ReclaimingParadise’s post this morning that reminded me! Thanks to her for the nudge!

So what did I forget? Well, chitting season is upon us! Aaaaand I haven’t even bought any of my seed potatoes yet. ARGH!

I think I’m going to definitely do Charlottes again. They were great last year, they had a nice taste and made an awesome potato salad.

So… A gentle reminder to everyone… Start getting chit done!

Now I just need to find somewhere that will sell them at a reasonable price.
Actually… I still have a couple of them from last year. I wonder if I could use THOSE as seed potatoes? Anyone know if that would work?


14 thoughts on “Oh Chit…

    1. I saw an article on using straw bales somewhere. You mean where you get a bale, cut a hole in the middle, dump in a little soil and then let the natural composting of the straw do the rest, yes?
      I can’t do it here, not enough space, but it looked amazing!

      I’d love to see if it actually works in the real world and if yours turn out well. Good luck with it!

      As to chitting… Ages ago, when I first tried it, I didn’t chit my seed potatoes and they were… Not very good. But last year they were much better than I expected. I’m hoping for a MUCH better job this year.

      1. I think the process I’ll use doesn’t even involve putting soil in the bale. You just wet and fertilize it to condition it and then plant inside it. Some people swear by it. I’ll probably just end up establishing a vole condominium.

  1. don’t panic – lots of time. I don’t usually grow potatoes at all but when I do I don’t usually buy the seed potatoes and start chitting till February – this year I bought some on impulse so we’ll see what that leads to. god luck with yours

  2. We need to do ours. I grew potatoes with a class of children and we didn’t chit them until March (although the children couldn’t say chit properly, it came out rather differently and we stopped using that word!) They still grew fine. 😊

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