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Seed Post Haul

It’s been quite the week with regards to seeds! Last week me and HereThereBeSpiders traded some seeds. I sent here the extras from my Bonsai kit and she sent me some Tigridia seeds and a few Gazania seed pods. I will be putting them in soil maybe next month, after I have bought some more seed trays as mine have begun to fall apart.

I also got some Iris bulbs as a part of an order that my mum got for me for my birthday. (Thanks, mum!). As you can see from this pic the bulbs are already long burst and is desperate need of planting NOW. So this morning, even though it was raining, I went out to plant them.

About 10 of the Iris went into this tiny area. This area also has my Hyacinths so I had to be careful when planting them. I don’t think I disturbed anything more than a couple of worms, so we shall have to wait and see.

After this I moved to the front and planted the rest. I dug three holes 4″ deep and planted 10 or so bulbs in each. I didn’t go for a specific number as the bag had an odd number in anyway and the first area didn’t take as many as I had hoped.

After that I pulled the soil back over them and patted it down.

Again I have to note that the soil is still warm and there are still worms wriggling around at only 2″ deep.

Something else I wanted to show you. One of the Mountain Pine from the bonsai pack has already burst! It’s still very small but it’s there. The other one *may* be showing… I can just see something in the soil but I don’t want to risk damaging it. Nothing from the Acers though.


14 thoughts on “Seed Post Haul

  1. I’m listening to hail pelt our front window!
    I was looking up what you did with your acers. Since you got the kit, I need to follow your directions! I meant to do it tonight, but poor Lumi isn’t well so I’m looking after him.
    So weird to see my handwriting on the internet. It’s almost like finding an envelope in a box and trying to figure out who sent it, just by the style of writing.
    The wee pine looks great!

    1. Will they work in the us? I don’t see why not. They are native to South Africa (hot and dry), so you guys should be ok. They may not have as long a season as here, but they should do well.
      As to drying? I kinda doubt it. The flowers tend to go to mush when over. But you could always give it a go.

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