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My Garden Thinks It’s Spring

On Wednesday I did a pic of my Alstroemeria that has already started its spring push, and to be honest I was a little annoyed and concerned. Well… Now it appears that the rest of my garden is following suit!

To start with it appears that my old Aquilegia is bursting. Not only my older one but the Black Barlow is also pushing, too!

This seems to be a thing now. Last year the winter was really mild and although we have had some cold days and nights its still been a very mild winter.

My Azalea is also sprouting leaves already. Not only on the stem but also from the base, too!

These are not that hardy a plant so if anything gets a knockback from late frosts/snow it will be these guys.


Next up is my Rose. Last week I wasn’t worried about all the buds that were on it. In fact I was quite happy when I saw them all. But now I see that a fair few of them have opened up I’m a little more wary of how they will survive. Roses tend to be fairly hardy… But even so, this is too early!


On a lighter  point my Lavender is also putting out new growth. Now, I’m not going to lie. I’m not worried about this one at all. Lavender is a tough old bird and can handle most UK winters without problems. I only included this to show that many types of plant are thinking it’s spring.

Now we get to the bulbs. Yep. I have a few of these showing already!
The one above is a clump of Tulips. I think they are Tulips… They look like Tulips! Anyway, whatever they are, they are already showing their faces, as is one of my Alliums, a couple of Hyacinths, a couple of Daffies and something… I’m not entirely sure what it is… But I do remember planting bulbs there last year!
No signs of the smaller bulbs yet. No Crocus, Uva-vulpsis and no glory of the snow. But then I’m fine with that because it’s too damn early for them!

And this now reminds me to replace the garden map I managed to lose earlier last year, that I forgot to do later that year, even though I really did intend to do it… Because I’m an idiot. *sigh*


23 thoughts on “My Garden Thinks It’s Spring

  1. Shit…I need to get pruning before it is too late! Too rainy to get outside this weekend, but I did spot daffs coming up, and the snowdrops are a good 4in tall with little white cotton bud heads.

        1. Do you do the trick of removing one stem a year to force the plant to grow a new one? It seems to work quite well for me.
          The problem with pruning it now is that you don’t get to see where the winter damaged wood is yet.
          Not sure what to do yet.

          1. I doubt there is much damage. Been fuck all wind this year, and only below 0 maybe once. My blueberries are OLD and never pruned. One is really not productive anymore, so I have to try something. The poor roses are sick with black spot, so I want to make them smaller so I can treat them better. Being as they were bare sticks when I got them, a hard prune should help.

            1. Blueberries only produce off wood that is only so old.

              From here…
              quote …

              Older plants need to be pruned. Regular pruning is important to the health of blueberries and can affect fruit set. The most fruitful canes are not the largest. The most productive canes will be between four to eight years old and 1-1 ½ inch across. When you prune the plant, the goal is to have a plant that has 15-20 percent young canes less than an inch across, 15-20 percent older canes that are around 2 inches in diameter and 50-70 percent in-between canes. Prune when the blueberry is dormant in the fall to spring. Remove low growth around the base of the plant and any dead or weak canes. You should prune the plant in this manner each dormant season, removing about one-half to one-third of the wood.

              Read more at Gardening Know How: Blueberry Plants Not Producing – Getting Blueberries To Bloom And Fruit

              With the rose it’s just as important that you clear away and and all dead leaves from near the plant even if they are on the floor. The spores from the blackspot can reinfect the plant from there.

              1. Yep, so I need to get on this ASAP. My berries are in big pots, so not really very thick branches. I do try to clear the dead rose leaves, but the wind blows them everywhere. I pick them up when doing dog poo patrol so they don’t go in the compost, ever.

                1. Yeah. I got that info very late. I used to leave leaves on the floor. >.>

                  Just checking. You know to trim off any stem that has the spot too, yeah?

                  BTW… Do you have one or more blueberry plants? Apparently they produce a LOT more if you have two. I only got a second one last year so I have yet to see if it actually works or not.

                  1. Yes, I have two, different varieties. One is really old, one is the replacement for one that used to be the first bush’s companion but died in the really hard winter we had in 2011 or so.

                    How can I tell if a rose stem has Black spot? Is it actually spotted, also?

  2. My lavender is currently looking quite black, so I was wondering if it would survive. However, at 10 degrees today it is definitely too warm to call it winter. Let’s just hope that anything that has already made an early appearance will be okay…. it makes you wonder if stuff is dormant and can be pruned!

    1. Some plants can… Some can’t. I’ve been looking up on plants so I know what I can and can’t prune yet. Most seem to need to wait till early spring (I’m guessing April time?)

        1. Did you do a prune in Autumn at all? If so then I think you want to wait till later. If you didn’t then I think you could be ok.

          I would REALLY love to see a professional here. The problem is that what most books are saying doesn’t match our last two years seasons.

          1. Yes, professional advice would be great but I think you know a lot. Didn’t do an autumn prune as the rose bush needed to get established in its new home (I moved it from elsewhere in the garden) but it sorely needs a prune – never had one in fact.

            1. Thank you for the vote of confidence!

              In that case I would wait a bit. Don’t forget… Only reduce it by 1/3rd if it’s big and has never been pruned.
              You can reduce it again in later years.

              Is it budding or has it burst yet?

              1. Not sure – there were some very weak buds/flowers but I don’t know what the score is today. It’s not ver big but I will still only prune a little.

                  1. My dad reckoned pruning in winter was fine, in which case I don’t see frost and snow as a particular challenge, but if April is a safer bet there would be no harm in leaving it till then.

    1. Me too… apparently we are likely to get this arctic blast that is coming next or something. It mentioned it on the news… wether it happens or not is yet to new seen!

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