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The Doldrums

Happy new year, everyone!

Unfortunately we have now reached that point in the year, again. There doesn’t seem to be an awful lot to talk about.

My sweet potato is doing well. Loads of new roots showing.

Not only that, but there is also some kind of vein or something growing. It’s… Well… I have no idea what it is, but it is terminating at a node so I’m taking this as a good thing.

Moving on from the sweet potato to the chillies I planted the other week.

Already I have 2 out of the 8 shoots pushing. Not bad… It’s still early so I am not worried about the other 6 just yet. My issue is that the soil has a peculiar smell… It’s not bad… Just strange. When they get bigger, if the smell hasn’t gone, I will have to prick out the seedling and dump all the soil in the compost rather than just put the whole plug in a larger pot. I don’t want to trust the soil if it has any kind of disease or anything.

Yes, this is a non-post. Sorry. B-)


16 thoughts on “The Doldrums

      1. Lol… I did wonder. B-)
        I keep trying to over winter them add they get an amazing head start if you can do it. But mine always get mildew or stem rot.
        Obviously I’m doing the watering wrong.

  1. You say this is a non post, but I’m sat here wondering why the soil smells weird.. and what is going on with the sweet potato vein!? Haha! Happy new year 🙂

    1. I’m hoping the vein is just where the slips will grow from. It may be where a root has grown under the skin layer?I’m not sure.

      As to the soil. It’s new from a new bag… It could be there was/is contamination in the bag when I bought it.

  2. If you still have the bag the soil came from, check the animal poo used. Some batches end up with more of that material in the mix n will have that great farm smell(ewweee)…however ifit smells sour you may want to transplant asap. Good soil smells earthy, fresh can smell a bit like poo, but rotten smells bad…sourish. And yes Kal, I smell my dirt all the time😁😁😁. I actually love the smells when I garden!💗💗

    1. It’s only 8 plants. Shouldn’t take long.

      Btw… could I dump any dodgy compost into my compost bin? I would have thought so, but I would appreciate a 2nd opinion.

      1. Nope it has meat in it. If your dogs a vegetarian then OK, (my nephew had a damnation that was a veggie dog ..she was getting sick from reg dog food…weirdest thing I ever saw with a dog). Horse sheep cows are all veggie..don’t trust pig poo either cuz they eat anything put in front of them concluding each other if the situation arises.😝😝

  3. LMAO – ok, ok once I stop laughing at myself – I thought you said “doggie” not dodgie – LMAO..still laughing…as long as it has a chance to freeze (good freeze, not just a top freeze) then yes… we put tons of old dirt, old plants (except tomatoes – never put them in your compost pile), kitchen scraps except meat (hee hee laughing again) into our compost. Chopped up tree parts(wood chips) also go in. Then it gets turned several times and when really hot and dry we will water it heavy. Within about 2-3 years we have beautiful soil with tons-o-worms! woo hoo …sorry about the confusion, guess I need to stop reading for a while – all getting blurred (hahahahaha)

    1. I seriously laughed at this!

      But, anyway… That’s what I thought.
      I NEVER put meat in the compost bin. It just attracts rats.
      Most other things go in my composter but I wasn’t sure about the possibly doggy… erm… dodgy compost.

      Serious question… Why not tomatoes?

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