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Wordless Wednesday: Frosty Aubretia


20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Frosty Aubretia

          1. Haven’t been out this evening but it looks foggy. Just hope the roads are okay for driving tomorrow. One unfortunate thing about winter is when you have to defrost twice.

                    1. I’d like to do the advanced driving course/test. Not enough money at the mo but I’ve been trying to put into practice the tips from others who have done it. How do others on the road respond to you ‘driving properly’?

                    2. I do get over taken a fair bit. But it’s not as bad as you may think.
                      I keep to the speed limits and so people tend to stay with me and road bullying no longer works on me. It’s a strange thing to see when it happens now. I just move aside as and when I can and don’t get stressed.
                      I just wish i got an actual lisence rather than just as in-house ticket though. The cut in insurance would have been nice. B-)

                    3. Oh yes, the cut in insurance would be great! And I would like to be unstressed when people gesture (obscenely)/flash (repeatedly) their headlights because I am driving appropriately. I even had a ‘distressed’ driver behind me on Christmas Day 🤔.

                      Anyway, good on you for using your skills.

                    4. If you really feel you are stressed about it… get cameras fitted to your car (some insurances will may give you a reduction in premium) and hand in any instances of bad driving to the police.
                      Talk about karma. B-)

                    5. That’s an idea. Some of the road rage can be pretty nasty. The situation on Sunday was just silly and yes I laughed but a few weeks ago a driver didn’t like the fact that I was doing 40 on a 40 mile-an-hour slip road. So the minute we got onto the M1 he overtook me and then slammed on the brakes. Fortunately, I was watching him and able to react appropriately.

                      Some people really need to get their anger issues sorted before they get behind a wheel, methinks…..

                    6. Some of the things I have seen on ambulance video playback is SCARY…
                      You only have to go on YouTube to see some of the poor driving on Britain’s roads.

                    7. I’m amazed there aren’t more accidents – must be all the decent drivers with their eyes and ears open. To be fair, there are probably more considerate people than belligerent ones.

                    8. Oh yeah. The morons are in the minority… But, you know, squeaky wheels and all that.
                      The other reason to get a dashcam is that there has been a sharp rise in the amount of insurance fraud over recent years.
                      The wife used to work in the insurance business and she saw it first hand.

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