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Bonsai Gift Planting

For my birthday I got this off a friend. It seems like quite a few people I know got one of these, or at least one of the range you can get, I got this one and the funky veg one.
As pressies go, this one was one of the best for a while!

What was in the pack? Well… In a nutshell… More than I thought!

Let’s be honest, these things are usually all packaging and no real substance but this one was better than I expected!
Enough bits to make 6 plants at a time but I don’t think the peat pots or the compost pack thingies can be reused though so to use all the seeds I would need to use my own pots and soil.

The only issue with this is that I’m not sure what the fail rate for the seeds is. If I knew I could plan and plant more seeds in one batch

Speaking of seeds. I was only expecting two seeds of each but the Acer (Red Maple) had 9, the Pinus (Mountain Pine) had 8.
I didn’t open the Silver birch as I’m not that fond of it. Not to grow as a bonsai at any rate.

Anyway… Moving on. As the instructions stated, I needed to start the stratification process to improve the chance of germination, so I put the seeds into a folded piece of kitchen roll, soaked it and placed it into the cup and left it to soak overnight.

The next morning I got it all back together, got the wife to write out labels as my chicken scratch is not readable! And moved to do the next bit.

The compost pad things did indeed expand about 7 times their size when soaked… I will admit that I thought the info in the pack was telling porkies!

It didn’t tell me how long it would take to expand though. I have never used these before so had no idea what to expect. These took almost an hour to expand… So if you have one, be patient!

I then squeezed out the excess water, as instructed. Then planted the 2 of each seeds I soaked into the pots. I totally put the wrong tags on the seeds and had to correct them… >.>


In the end the pots went into the bags supplied, don’t forget to leave a small hole for the air to circulate a little. They were then taken upstairs and put in a cool area with lots of indirect light.

They will sit there for about 2 weeks.

From here on I decided to not follow the instructions so much. Luckily we still have our winter so I am not going to put the plants into the fridge as it suggested. I’m going to put them into my outhouse, It’s cold out there but it generally stays above freezing so they should do well.

They will sit in the outhouse for 4 – 6 weeks and with luck they will germinate and start showing some time during then. Or perhaps a little later.

Time will tell!


23 thoughts on “Bonsai Gift Planting

      1. Yes, definitely too early according to the instructions. The main thing for me to take into consideration is the lack of windowsill space I have for seedlings and almost every year that means the tomatoes go out too small. Which vegetables did you get in your box?

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