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Do you like…. Avocados?

Over the years LOADS of people have done this. Even I have, albeit many years ago and it failed!

Tuesday saw me in a shop (Tesco, to be exact) and on sale were some Avocados. All very ripe and only about 30p each. BARGAIN! I’ll be having one of those, thank you so very much!

Before we get any further, I have to answer my own question and say ‘No’. I really don’t like guacamole and I can’t think of another reason to do anything culinary with it. HOWEVER… I can do something that I never managed to do. Get an Avocado to grow!

Because it was already lovely and ripe I just carefully cut it open, popped out the stone and gave it a wash off.

I then stuck it with a few toothpicks, making sure to put them in at a slight angle so the bottom of the stone will be lower than the rim of the jar I’m using to hold it.

I then filled the jar to be around one inch or 1/3rd of the stone when in the water.

That’s it… Now we wait. With luck this one will do something rather than just rotting like the last one I tried… All those many years ago. I still think I know what went wrong. B-)

To the kitchen windowsill! Β >>–ZOOM!–>


12 thoughts on “Do you like…. Avocados?

  1. Fun! I used to do this. Maybe it’s time to try again. I also once found a mango pit sprouting in the compost bin. Wish I’d potted it up. πŸ˜€

    1. Oooo… Mangoes? That should be fun!

      The wife suggested that I give pomegranates a try… I’m thinking that one may be a little beyond me. At least avocados will live in a pot! B-)

      1. But then you have you didn’t like guacamole… actually, I prefer avocado mashed with cream cheese.

        On a different note, I’ve been puzzled as to why people have been talking about Hanukkah now, so just looked it up…😊

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