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Pond leak and frogs!

Oh noes!

It appears I have a leak in my pond… But I also found out that I have a lot more frogs than I thought I did!


10 thoughts on “Pond leak and frogs!

  1. So you have a double pond and one drains into the other? I guess you like your frogs then? Do you feed them or are they fed by nature? I imagine after they lay eggs and they hatch there won’t be much room for the Koi! LOL

    1. Yes… The water is pumped into the filter, which drains into the top pond and then flows into the main pond.

      I’ve always liked frogs. They are a gardeners friend and they are cute little buggers! B-)

      And I think you are right about the Koi. From what I have been told they do tend to eat spawn. However, it’s not too common to see one single koi decimate all the spawn in one go. This was why I built the top pond. I hoped they would spawn there too and some would survive.

    1. There was always life in the pond. Plenty of algae, no matter WHAT I did. >.>
      There was also loads of small insect life in there. I can only imagine they lived on that.

      And yes… It will be a fairly big job. *sigh*

    1. I had a look this morning and I swear a few of them have dropped back in and there is only about 5″ of water in there… not sure that was true best thought. B-)

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