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The Problem With Non-Native Plants

This morning I was outside picking up some litter that had blown into my garden and I noticed that my winter Jasmine has flowered! It’s entirely possible that it started flowering a while ago but I never noticed, and if it did then it wasn’t very flowery. B-)

I have to say that, compared to the summer Jasmine we had in one of the parks at the council, it has no smell. Which is a shame. The flowers are really pretty, but I don’t think I have seen anything actually visiting them.

And this brings me to my insane ‘Why did I think that?’ question of the day…

Is there a purpose for the winter Jasmine? Is there an insect that takes advantage of its presence here during the winter months? I get that towards the end of the flowering period it could feed some early spring insects… But are there any active when it’s at its peak?

It may well be that this plant is suffering from being grown in non-native habitats. I’m guessing the winter Viburnum I just planted will suffer the same thing when it grows up.

Is this a sign that we should not grow some plants that are non-native? I get that private gardens should be able to pick and choose as they like, but perhaps council areas, parks and other public areas should be limited to only using native plants.

Is that a little hypocritical? I’m not sure. But I would also like to see a tiny bit of legislation that would inform plant buyers if a plant is native or not. That way people could be gently nudged into buying native plants.

BUY NATIVE, PEOPLE!.. But not like me, because I’m a hypocrite. B-)


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