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Wordless Wednesday: It Starts


7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: It Starts

    1. Yup… Starting already. And, no… By what it says on the packet! B-)

      Actually I’m a little early with this one. The packet says ‘January’ but I really doubt that I will get a chance to even look at it after Thursday as everything tends to get busy around Fishmas.
      So, with that in mind I decided to tempt fate and make a start now… A couple of weeks won’t make THAT much of a difference as they are being started indoors.

        1. Fishmas… Well… I’m an Atheist and it would be a bit hypocritical to celebrate a religious festival, so we have fishmas. B-)

          Yes, the tray is on a windowsil, but none of the south facing windows are are cold in our house. B-)
          To keep it cool I would have to put it on a north facing as we don’t have any east facing.

          1. My son-in-law is an atheist, yet he still celebrates Christmas with his family. He doesn’t add any religious overtones to it, just the thought of giving a gift in Santa’s name.I have two grandkids after all.

            1. We never really did the whole Santa thing… She worked it out far too quickly. >.>
              We still have the balloon fairy and the cake fairy though… Even though she is 18 now and I’m sure she knows where cake comes from. B-)

              In the end I only did it because I was given grief many years ago… One day I just said ‘Stuff it. I’ll make it Fishmas instead!’
              Ok… I didn’t say ‘Stuff it’, but you get the idea. B-)

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