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End Of The Year

Yesterday afternoon I decided that I probably won’t be doing anything else outside in the garden for the rest of the year, so I finally put my tools away. Before I did I gave them a good seeing to.

While I generally keep my tools clean and sharp, I know that many others don’t. Well, guys… You should!

Because I’m a lazy so and so, I soak the tools in warm water for a minute or so to loosen off any crud, then give them a good scrub and then leave it on the side to dry. Using warm or hot water will help the water evaporate quicker.

Once the tools are dry you can either sharpen your tools now or simply move on to coat them in your favourite oil/lubricant and put them away for their winter sleep. Personally I prefer to sharpen my tools BEFORE I put them away, this way I can give them just a quick run with the stone in the springtime and get on with my jobs.
Oh… And don’t forget to sharpen your spades and hoes. They need an edge too!

Now, personally I use 3 in 1 oil, but any mineral oil would be fine. I’m not a fan of using WD-40 for long time oiling. I’ll use it for the moving parts but that is it. I don’t think it’s bad or anything… I just think 3 in 1 is better. *shrug*
Just remember that you don’t want to be putting an oily tool in the ground so don’t do this if you intend to use the tools again soon after!

And that was it. I’m (semi) officially done with the outside where it comes to tools. Well… That’s the plan, anyway. I’m still going to be doing things outside, but nothing that needs anything bigger than a pair of secateurs.


5 thoughts on “End Of The Year

    1. Yes… But if you use oil on a whetstone you cannot use water again.
      Personally I use water to take away particles rather than oil. But that is just my preference.

        1. Not sure how that would work. But over the years I know that you only ever do one or the other.
          I think that oil is better for the stone… But water is just easier to use because you can dump it in a tub to rinse it clear.

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