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Doin’ the Daffies

Seeing as this morning was mildly warm and not raining I decided to plant the bulbs I got as a freebie from my order from J Parkers. Originally I wasn’t going to bother, but with having nothing to do this morning I went out and planted them.

I know I don’t have much space in the borders now, When I plant things I often dig up halves of bulbs so I didn’t even bother checking this time, I just dug up 4 squares of turf in the lawn and planted them.

What is it with the winter weather again? The worms were right up at the top of the soil. I get that it’s warmish… But we have had some cold nights. Is the ground not cold at all?

The bag was a mix, so I didn’t even try sorting them out. Hopefully they will randomise well. Also I only intended on putting a dozen in each hole, with a bag of 50 I should have had 2 left over to put in one of the holes. As it turns out they were VERY generous weights as I had 16 left after putting 12 in each. So each hole got 4 extra.
As freebies go this was a good one! B-)

After I was happy I put the sod back down and gently tramped on it to settle it down again. With luck they will sprout properly. Most, if not all, of the bulbs were already pushing so the only question is if they will sort themselves out in the ground as they push up through the grass.
After this I can only hope that they were not too late in the ground, but then again… They were freebies. I have nothing to lose.

In keeping with the standard trend with my garden being the awesome place it is… This is what I found while digging up those squares.

  • A flat piece of iron.
  • A cable of some kind.
  • What I can only think of as a spring off a mattress?
  • Several pieces of glass.

And then it started raining… Just as I was walking inside to put the kettle on. Not bad timing, says I. B-)


11 thoughts on “Doin’ the Daffies

  1. You just planted them in the yard? No flower bed? I find that odd, is it common in your area? They will be mowed down in the summer… I won’t plant any on my perennial bed because I don’t want the old green tops talking out space on my other spring and summer flowers. Maybe you have a better idea. I know my aunt (God rest her soul), had a regular rectangular bed of crocus, daffodils and tulips which were just thrown like an island in the yard. They got mowed over in the late spring and all summer and fall. Hers was the first garden I saw like that. Maybe I should do that too!

    1. My beds and borders have loads of bulbs now. Over the last, what… 3 years? I have been adding bulbs all the time. Every time I put a spade in the beds now I risk slicing a bulb!

      So, yeah… I did what I have seen quite a lot around here, plant them straight into the lawn.
      If you plan your bulbs you can cut pretty patterns between the bulb clumps to make wonderful displays!

      In the spring they will come up and I will mow around them. When they finish and fall over I will just cut the tops and mow the rest into the ground and they will sit ready till next year.

        1. Over here we generally start cutting the grass while the spring bulbs are still open. So we would have to cut around them until they are finished.

          Obviously when they are done we would need to cut them down. But I think I would rather cut the stems with scissors than risk ripping them up with a mower.
          Even when I worked at the council we didn’t touch the daffie displays till they were browned off and dead.

  2. Well done, fabulous freebie and should look nice. It’s been stupid warm here. Had not quite a week of frost and back up to 13! I’ll have some seriously confused plants. On the good side I haven’t had to rush to dig up the dahlias.

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