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A Little Planting Time

This morning, after it stopped raining, I went out to plant out the Cornus and Viburnum I got the other day.

I started off by having a look around my garden and decided to give up and went with my first idea. So I had to move the Juniper and the Eryngiums. Now, knowing that frogs like to hide in there, I very carefully lifted it, checked for visitors, and moved it to the plot in the front.

The Eryngiums were placed up and down that row. I did also find that I had 3 separate plants. Nice!

After I lifted the plants I turned over the soil to make sure it didn’t have any daffie bulbs in bad places. I then got my place for the Viburnum. Awesome.

I then took the foxgloves out of that small bed and cleared up the weeds growing there and placed the Cornus (Dogwood) in there.

I was a little worried that there was a dug pathway under the fence as you can see. I’m hoping it’s just ‘One of those things’ and not a rat run. It’s not smooth so I’m thinking it is.

I also took the opportunity to plant one of my two white Lavenders I had. The other one was put in the front.

The final thing I did was put the Juniper in the big bed in the front. I was glad to see that the cardboard I left under the soil is now breaking down nicely and that worms were found both above and below the cardboard layer.

And that was my morning.


4 thoughts on “A Little Planting Time

  1. Hopefully not a rat run…. I think there would be sightings/noise from squeaking and jumping etc if it was, though.

    Anyway, the new front bed looks nice.

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