A Living Memorial

So… Yesterday I didn’t think I would have anything to talk about today what with it being Winter and all I haven’t had much of anything to talk about on here… So along comes 4pm and BOOM… I have something to talk about!

A couple of few weeks ago I put in an order at J Parkers. Apparently my Mum had bought a plant at Dads request not long ago, just before he died. That plant was a Cornus (Dogwood). Because of this I thought it would be a fitting ‘living memorial’ for him if I planted one too. What could be better than having a plant that shows all it’s glory at the time of year that he died?

Also in there is a Viburnum Tinus. This is a winter flowering shrub that produces a dark blue berry in early spring that smaller birds love. And if there was anything that my dad liked, it was watching the birds in his garden area.

Also in there was a free bag of ‘Rockery’ miniature daffies. They were a freebie, these possibly?… I have no idea what I’m going to do with those. Maybe dig another small area in the lawn and put them down there? Or perhaps inter-plant them with the winter colour pansies.
They are already just beginning to sprout so they will have to go in sooner than later. It may already be a little too late to get a good show out of them next season but they will be fine the year after.

Now I will need to move a few plants around to make room for these two! B-)




6 thoughts on “A Living Memorial

    1. Thanks.
      I didn’t even know he had a favourite plant. It’s just a really great thing that I liked the plant too and that it was at it’s best at this time of year.
      It’s just win/win/win! B-)

  1. It doesn’t matter if he liked the plants you chose, really. That you would plant things specifically to remember him is lovely. Always you will think of him when you tend them. It’s why I have peace roses for my mother.

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