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Did Someone Flick a Switch?

Yesterday I walked outside to drop the previous days recycling into the bins and I was greeted with this. Yes, overnight my smoke bush (Cotinus) decided to drop about 90% of its leaves in one go.

No messing around with the odd leaf here and there or waiting for some wind… No. *FWUMP* That was it. You can see that they all just landed as they are. No wind did that, no rain and I’m damn sure the local pixies didn’t do it either.

Oh, and can I just remind you all that it is now December… Talk about late. >.>

So I cleared up all the leaves that were on the grass, left the ones on the soil area, and popped them in the compost bin. At least I didn’t have to do much raking. B-)

Oh… And I’m thinking that I’m going to have to trim those long branches. The hard pruning I did last year worked well but it could still do with bushing up a little, but that will have to wait till early spring… Whenever that happens.


10 thoughts on “Did Someone Flick a Switch?

        1. I dunno. I do a days volunteering at Nostell Priory and their trees are dropping the leaves very sporadic. Very annoying when you are trying to clear them. >.>

            1. Considering it all I’m surprised they don’t have more machinery. The leaf clearing is all done by hand. That’s a LOT of back breaking work.
              It’s good fun with the guys but I can come up with FAR better ways to do the job. How they do it now is just unnecessarily heavy.

                    1. I think it might be a ‘National Trust’ thing… Either that or its a money issue.

                      But the time saved from spending two weeks solid clearing leaves has got to be worth spending a little on a piece of equipment.

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