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Oooo… Looky!

Ok. Not going to lie here. When I potted up the succulents the other day I never really noticed the odd..erm, thing in the pot. I noticed it was different but I must have thought it was damaged or something and then forgot about it (None of you should be surprised at this).

So colour me shocked when I noticed this yesterday!

This morning it’s already fading though, so that’s a little sad, but then these blooms don’t often last a long time.


11 thoughts on “Oooo… Looky!

    1. Some of my plants get daily waterings (In small amounts) the rest get the finger test…
      If the soil feels moist then no watering.. If it’s dry then it gets a drink.

  1. FYI our native ones in the fields only get water when it rain/snows n what little may be under ground n they are doing great. Will get you pics of them next spring. Funny thing- when we first bought the farm it was the first year of a 3-yr drought. After those bad 3years we were afraid they were all gone…but nope! The first good rain came n that’s how we found all the barrel cactus. Love the succulents!!!

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