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Succulent Unboxing and Potting

About a week ago I put in an order with Glenhirst Succulents. The order arrived on Friday but because I was really busy I had to wait till today to actually plant it. Thankfully, because it’s winter, the plants will happily sit in a cool area as they are for a while.

So I opened the box, Actually I should point out that the box DIDN’T have any ‘Careful plants inside’ or anything like that. Seeing as how the postie handled it when he handed it over to me was a little annoying. Those are delicate!!! >.<

Anyway, I opened it up and it was all packaged well enough. The plants were all in very good condition… Just not tagged at all. Each of the plants came with a tag but the tags were all blank.
Thankfully I knew which plant was which but I found that very strange. Why bother putting in a tag if it’s not got anything on it? If the tags were just in the box you could understand it… But these were packed one per plant. Very strange! B-/

One nice thing was that I got a freebie! This was a Agave striata, very VERY sharp. It has a very structured body and different coloured tips. So that was nice.

The medium I am using is Levington Desert cactus and bonsai compost. In the main potting compost will probably work, but this is just better. It has hardly any humus in it, it’s very gritty and will allow water to drain through nicely. You can see the compost here.

I potted up a few in these nice pots the wife got ages ago. They have been sat doing nothing in the library. I only noticed it was a pack of five when I worked my way through them… DOH! >.<
Then I remembered that I had two nice bonsai pots in the outhouse from when we moved here. They are left over from my old cacti collection. So out they came.
5 mins of gentle de-potting I tipped the compost into the new pots and replaced the plants in there. Luckily I had bought 2 taller plants so this worked out well.

And so I ended up with these. The fact that I got two Sedum pachyphyllum was good as it gave me a small one and one I could pot on its own.
You can see that I had a bit of an accident. One stem on the Fenestraria aurantiaca (Left pot, front left plant) broke. B-(

All done this is what I put in the library. I didn’t manage to find anywhere to buy some small gravel to top it off, so on Monday I will try the fish shop, see if they have a small bag I could buy. I have some pea gravel but it’s just far too big for this. It needs a much smaller grade stone.

The plants are:
Left Pot
Top middle – Kalanchoe Tomentosa
Bottom left – Fenestraria aurantiaca
Bottom right – Mammillaria Boolii

Right Pot
Top Left – Conophytum Peersii
Top right – Agave Striata
Bottom middle – Sedum pachyphyllum



13 thoughts on “Succulent Unboxing and Potting

    1. I only have enough light for them in the bathroom and the library. The kitchen would too only it has a rubbish, small window…
      These are the days I wish I had a conservatory! B-)

  1. Nice choices! Do any of them grow naturally in your territory? We have tons of different ones here. My fav is the barrel cactus. The flowers are outstanding and apparently it is endangered – but we have several here! woo hoo

    1. No. Our climate is FAR too moderate for them to grow outdoors naturally.
      The Agave *may* survive but I doubt it will thrive.
      The Mammillaria Boolii is close to the barrel cactus… Kinda, if you squint. B-)

      More than likely its endangered because the climate changing is not making it easy for them. B-(

    1. They eat the roots?!… Why??? O.o

      I don’t think there is any nutrition in the root system. They are only there to soak up water.
      If they nibbled the base of the barrel I could accept that they were going for the water or something (They would be daft though).
      Gophers appear to be stupid. >.>

      Dare I ask what ‘Bubblegumed’ means? O.o

  2. it was during one of our worst drought years – and winter time, by spring we noticed it was not gonna make it…did a bit of digging and found their hole – grrr! Bubblegumed: Take a piece of doubblebubble bubble gum, cut it into quarters (small enough for the monsters to get in their mouth), drop a few pieces down every hole opening you can find. The monsters eat it, cant digest it and DIE!!! No toxins, no traps and best is when one dies in a hole – they will never go back down that hole again – woo hoo. This is how we chase off our root-eating monsters!

  3. Beautiful plants – they look great in the bonsai pot. I want to get succulents but I am worried that they will die in my cold, dark house!

      1. I do have sunny windowsills at the front of my house! We don’t get much light as we have trees in our front garden though 😦 Beautiful trees but it means we only get a few hours of light each day. Thank you so much for the link to the article – I may have to invest in a Haworthia succulent!

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