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New Bed Update

I got some free time yesterday and some nice weather to spend it in so I decided to finally get around to dealing with my new bed.

First off I went around the inside border of the bed and scraped out the grass and weeds that had survived. Some of the grass had grown under the wood and in a couple of places it had grown where the cardboard meets the wood. It all had to be dug/scraped out and it had to go.

I cleared off the bricks and wood that was holding the cardboard down.

To be honest I should have done this ages ago…The cardboard by now was well and truly sodden and starting to break down on it’s own!
It’s not the end of the world though, there were a couple of worms under the cardboard so the soil must still be good.

I got all of the soil you see in the pic to the right from my compost bin. It’s now only half full and there is still a void at the bottom I need to deal with.

I then got the four bags of compost I kept from my potato growing earlier in the year. The compost was still very good and even had no weeds in it (I was very surprised at that).

I also had a spare bag of compost I found in the outhouse when I was clearing it up the other week.

All the bags got tipped out in the frame and mixed up a bit. I evened out the bottom mound before I remembered to take a photo.

I didn’t want the different types of soil to sit in distinct areas so I actually took the time to mix it all into one another.

A quick rake over to tidy it up and a brush of the wood and then we were done.

I’m not going to plant anything just yet unless I see some bargains in the shops. I may also need to add a couple more bags of compost to this. I didn’t tread it all down I wanted to let it settle on its own. So I will probably see something resembling a mountain-scape in a few days. B-)

I’m thinking of planning the beds to not have any very tall plants. The sun will hit it from the right of the picture but I still want to have it visible from all angles and no parts in full shadow.

I now need to get a list of plants together for the bed. >.<


8 thoughts on “New Bed Update

      1. Yes, I think the temp will be slightly elevated. I noticed loads of worms when I did similar to my front lawn. Even though it was a lawn it had never been walked on so the soil wasn’t compacted anyway. However, not being dug will have been great for soil life as well.

        1. Yup. I think I well try and avoid digging this bed. It’s to wide to reach over so I well have to walk on it to plant. But I’m also thinking of putting wood chips on top to keep weeds down.

            1. Oh yeah… But having seen the difference with well trodden beds and no-step beds… It’s a lot!
              Obviously when I am planting I will HAVE to step on it. But the less I step on it the better.

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