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Schlum-ing It

Looky what I sees!

It looks like my Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera Truncata or Schlumbergera buckleyi?) has started producing buds. In all I have about 10 or so in fair size. It also looks like more may be still to grow, you can see that a few more of the growth tips are slightly swollen.

BTW… I’m fairly sure that the cactus is just a succulent. I don’t think these plants have the areoles needed to be correctly tagged as a cactus.
And yes, I know the labelling of succulents/cacti is a bit of a minefield!




10 thoughts on “Schlum-ing It

    1. That is EXACTLY how to make it flower!

      I tend to err on the side of caution and under water… But you can actually make any of the seasonal cacti to flower at any time you like… All you do is time your watering schedule differently.
      A long time ago (when I was about 16!) I managed to make my Christmas Cacti flower in mid summer!

  1. Mine is a piece from a plant I had in Ohio, which was started from a piece of my mom’s plant that she inherited when her mother died in the late 70’s! I wasn’t allowed to import plants (soil contamination issues) when I moved here, so I just took a cutting with me.

    1. Did they allow the cutting to be moved? That does surprise me. They are usually quite strict on importing bio-matter without a clean bill of health. O.o

      I recall being told a while ago that about 3/4 of all the Jade plants in the western world are from the same plant… They simply took cuttings and potted them on from the 60s when they became popular and kept taking cuttings from the same stock.

      Personally I think it’s highly dubious, but do make a good tin foil hat story! B-)

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