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The Rescue Plants Update

So the other week I picked up a couple of plants that were more than a little on the ‘Rescue Me’ shelf. They had obvious cold damage and the standard neglect you get from people out to sell stuff for shekels.


To be honest it was only the Aloe that was having the issues. You can see the cold burn on the top leaves and the fact that its probably been knocked over a couple of times.





The Madagascan Palm didn’t really have any real damage on it. It had a couple of leaves that had turned to find the sun but it was otherwise healthy.





Now that I have had them for a couple of weeks there has been a bit of healing going on. For a start the Aloe put weight on… A lot! The damaged leaves are never going to repair though, but that’s fine because new leaves will grow out the top nice and healthy.

You can actually see the difference on the healthy leaves. They are a lighter green and almost have a velvet feel to them.

20161014_170051The Madagascan Palm has really just put more growth on at the tip. I’m not really sure I’m really happy with that. It could have been a mistake.
HOWEVER… Annoyingly the sun seeking leaves haven’t begun to move. I have had it turned around to make it move but I think the damage has been done. What I will need to do now is to use a piece of soft wire and hold it in place until the plant limb gets the hint. B-)

But in the end I’m happy with the recovery. And this is one of the things you just have to learn with giving it a go. Plants can heal themselves, all I did to these two was to give them some water and a nicer place to live and they showed a turnaround in 2+ weeks. You just need to have the confidence to pick them up and give them the love they need!



9 thoughts on “The Rescue Plants Update

            1. I think it may only be SOME Aloe… And it may be the act of breaking the leaf to get the oil out that makes it smell…
              Its strange… I think I am reading conflicting info… I need to do more reading. >.>

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